What links Gaza, Iraq and Ukraine? The deranged policies of the US and NATO

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‘UN agencies and leading charities confirmed over the weekend what many people are thinking and feeling about the state of the world – we are witnessing an unprecendented level of global turmoil and violence.

The UN added a series of countries to its extreme crisis list and a senior foreign policy advisor at Oxfam briefed “I haven’t seen anything of this scale before…across the board, the humanitarian community sees this as one of the worst moments we’ve ever had to confront in terms of simultaneous, mostly man-made crises.”

This follows a UN announcement a few weeks ago that for the first time since World War II, the number displaced people worldwide exceeded 50 million.

This is the disturbing context in which the leaders of the Western world will be coming to Newport in South Wales for a high-profile NATO summit

The leaders most responsible for the disastrous war policies of the past 10 years are gathering in South Wales in what is being publicised as the most critical NATO summit for years.’

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