White House: Joe Biden Is the Leader of the World

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White House says Joe Biden is the leader of the free world

The White House declared on Thursday that President Joe Biden was the clear leader of the free world after his trip to Europe for the G7 Summit and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I really do not believe that it is hyperbole to say that Joe Biden returns from this trip as the clear and the consensus leader of the free world,” Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told reporters.

Breitbart.com reports: A recent Pew poll on the issue of global leadership ahead of Biden’s European tour showed citizens of foreign countries favored German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the most trusted leader to lead the world.

The White House responded to criticism of Biden from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for failing to stand up for U.S. national interests, on issues of wrongfully imprisoned Americans and cyber hacks from within the country, during the meeting with Putin.

Sullivan argued that McCarthy supported former President Donald Trump who “gave President Putin a pass,” while Biden was standing up for American values.

He also pointed Biden’s meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, who said to reporters that America was “definitely back” as evidence of Biden’s prowess.

Sullivan described the leaders from both Europe and Asia were “extremely positive” about Biden’s “personal leadership” in the world, as evidence of his successful trip.

“Whether it’s standing with friends or engaging with difficult competitors like Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden showed throughout this trip that he is striding across the world stage with confidence and purpose and a singular focus on defending American interests and values and those of our allies,” Sullivan said.

Biden angered many Republicans after he berated them and their supporters at a press conference while he was overseas.

He argued the United States was at a moment of turning away from the “phony populism” that Trump fueled with his presidency, describing his supporters as “vastly diminished” and “fractured.”

“I think this is passing. I don’t mean easily passing,” he said. “That’s why it’s so important that I succeed in my agenda.”


  1. You can bet Sullivan’s a catholic Li8k they’re so delusional they write articles saying that the w0 % of Catholics in Congress make them tbe biggest single group because they refuse to accept that the 80 % of Protestants are really the majority ,and they make sure that the minority Catholics have all the powerful positions And that doesnt happen democratically. Not honestly demicratucally .That’s by deceit by omission by manipulation by conniving and by secrecy .

  2. That’s completely undemocratic since America has a third of just China’s population alone let alone of the world. It’s a PREPOSTEROYSLY ARROGANT assertion and defies all principles that are the foundations of democratic ideology, plus its TOTALITARIAN Autocratic belligerent antagonistic insult to the independence of nations And the people of the world

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