Who Is The Real Obama? What The Media Don’t Tell You (Video)

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There are many conspiracies about Barack Obama around the internet. From controversy around his birth certificate, to his “muslim agenda” – there are lots of questions to be answered and the mainstream rarely offer any insight.

This video attempts to answer questions such as:

  • Is Obama a a puppet for the Elite?
  • Was he born in America?
  • Does he have his own agenda?
  • Is there a “muslim agenda”?
  • Is he trying to destroy America?

Who is the real Obama? 

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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Having cut his teeth in the mainstream media, including stints at the BBC, Sean witnessed the corruption within the system and developed a burning desire to expose the secrets that protect the elite and allow them to continue waging war on humanity. Disturbed by the agenda of the elites and dissatisfied with the alternative media, Sean decided it was time to shake things up. Knight of Joseon (https://joseon.com)