Whoopi Goldberg: Unvaccinated To Blame for Colin Powell’s Death

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Whoopi Goldberg blames the unvaxxed for Colin Powell's death

Whoopi Goldberg has blasted millions of unvaccinated Americans, saying they have blood on their hands following the death of double jabbed former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

“Here’s my thing, at some point, people are going to have to grow up. You’re either going to have to make a decision. Five gazillion of us are vaccinated, and we’re okay. Yeah, people have died. People have died having been vaccinated. As of October, there have been 7,178 fatal breakthrough cases that have been reported to the CDC,” Goldberg told her co-hosts on Tuesday’s “The View.”

“The point is you see us all walking around. You see people who have been vaccinated walking around. We’re not walking around with two heads or five tails. We’re walking around like everybody else.”

Goldberg went on: “It is very simple. He may not have died as quickly —”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Colin Powell.”

Goldberg continued: “Had everybody been vaccinated. Yes, he may not have died as quickly. And all of those folks over at Fox, just tell your people. Tell your people why you had to get it. You decided you wanted to stay on television rather than, you know, keep going and talking about what you are talking about. Listen, baby. It’s all about this. It’s all about the dough. You’re on television. You’re getting paid just like we are. So let’s not be pretending here.”


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