Woke Brigade Forces Cambridge Dictionary To Change Definition of ‘Woman’ To Include Biological Males

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Cambridge Dictionary has changed its definition of the word “woman” to include anyone who identifies as female, including biological males. In contrast, the traditional definition, which has been used for centuries in the English language, defines a woman as “an adult human female being.”

The online dictionary, which has betrayed its own history by submitting to the woke brigade, now defines a “woman” as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth,” according to its website.

The dictionary provides examples of how to use the new definition in conversation. In one example, the dictionary writes “[M]ary is a woman who was assigned male at birth.” Another example claims “She was the first trans woman elected to a national office.”

The change was met with pushback from many, who argued that redefining society’s categorization of gender and sex is harmful and inaccurate. 

“Cambridge Dictionary just dropped a new definition of ‘woman’,” Christopher Rufo, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, tweeted. 

Rufo also pointed out that the dictionary used the pronoun “they” to describe the subject rather than “she”. 

“Notice that the dictionary writers say ‘*they* may have been.’ They couldn’t bring themselves to write ‘she may have been,’ because they know they’re lying. That’s the tell,” he tweeted.

“Ceding linguistic territory to the radical Left. What could go wrong?” conservative commentator Rita Panahi wrote.

Daily Caller writer Mary Rooke wrote, “F-ing traitors to the truth. Cambridge Dictionary is only the latest. If we don’t stop them from erasing women our civilization is [not going to make it].”

A Cambridge Dictionary spokesperson told The Telegraph that the decision to update the term was made in October.

“They carefully studied usage patterns of the word woman and concluded that this definition is one that learners of English should be aware of to support their understanding of how the language is used,” the spokesperson reportedly said. “The first definition at the entry for woman remains unchanged and continues to be ‘an adult female human being’.”

The spokesperson then explained that the dictionary is constantly changing “to reflect changes in how English is used, based on analysis of data from this corpus.”

“Our dictionaries are written for learners of English and are designed to help users understand English as it is currently used,” the spokesperson said. “They are compiled by analysing a large corpus of English texts (over two billion words in total) taken from all areas of writing and publishing, which allows us to see exactly how language is used.”

Daily Caller report: In addition to updating the term “woman,” the term “man” was also revised to include reference to biological women.

Man is now defined as “an adult who lives and identifies as male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

Like the other entry, the dictionary provided examples of how to use the newly defined word in a sentence, writing that “Mark is a trans man (= a man who was said to be female when they were born.)”

“Their doctor encouraged them to live as a man for a while before undergoing surgical transition,” the dictionary also wrote to put the term in context.

Cambridge Dictionary did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. In 1919, the Institute for ‘Sexual Research’ in Berlin offered the first surgical sex changes, abortions, lectures, ‘sex counseling’, room rentals, a large library of pornography and erotic literature, including bestiality and pedophilia, and a Museum of Sex featuring a wide array of homosexual fetish items, dildos, “masturbation machines”, etc…

    https : // nationalvanguard . org/2019/06/the-jewish-pioneers-of-sexual-degeneracy-in-1920s-berlin/

      • And btw the Jesuits Catherine (the great ) as they call her preceded that german institute by centuries if you had any knowledge of history suitable to an average 12 year old ,you would know of her furniture and art and her sexual mores , andvwhy Paul ,that’s her son btw called her correctly thev”greatest whore in Europe “.Her correct Title

  2. Well traditions are made to be broken .And really being totally honest ice known quite a few,traditional females who really are quite butch ,actually a couple who have more balls than most men and some men who are far more ladylike than a lot of todays women .And as an observation dangerously generalised I’ve often suspected that most people are exactly as the Bible says, “male and female He made them both “.Which when you understand that it is testosterone that makes progesterone and vice versa makes yin and yan
    sensible science
    Nothing is what it seems,layers exist in actuality .
    Let’s be honest.

  3. I read somewhere that in Old English the words were wer-man and wo-man, or something like that. The word “man” was the generic word for “human being.” The prefix “wer” for males was related to our word “virile.” It gradually died out and only survives today in the word “werewolf.” The word “wo-man” supposedly meant “wife of man.” I’ll have to do some study to verify this.

  4. the first step that government takes to make changes to expand their power. changing the definition of words. accepting one word as redefigned will lead to others. change the definition of a word so it is accepted and it wil change the meaning of a law. Laws concerning the protection of women wil change if they are not covered under the new defenition. Will the courts need a hearing to determine is a woman is truly a woman? will she need to prove it first? It may deminish the protection a woman enjoys today. Time to look at the long term effects changing a defination will have.———— I, Grampa

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