‘Woke’ NFL Player Kendrick Ladell Starling Indicted for Violent Child Rape

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NFL player NFL Player Kendrick Ladell indicted for child rape

Former ‘woke’ NFL player Kendrick Ladell Starling has been indicted for the brutal and repeated rape of a young child.

According to a Harrison County grand jury indictment, the victim was younger than 14 when Starling, 41, repeatedly raped her.

Starling was arrested last February for the rape after turning himself into the Marshall Police Department.

According to the indictment, Starling allegedly committed two or more acts of sexual abuse against the child victim on or about June 1, 2017 through Dec. 29, 2020, during a period that was 30 or more days in duration.

Marshallnewsmessenger.com reports: Starling graduated from Marshall High School in 1999 and subsequently played college football at San Jose State. After college, Starling went on to play professionally as a wide receiver. According to the American Football Database, he was drafted in 2004 as a free agent to the Houston Texans and then played for both the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints practice squads in 2005. He last played for the Rhein Fire NFL Europe team in 2006.


  1. Oh yeah right I suppose had her chained up in a basement all the while? No charges of deprivation of liberty? So the 13 year old, not likely a virgin even when she cracked onto him, must have repeatedly gone over to his place or let him come and take her out How much is the compensation payout she’s going to r eceive from sending him to jail ruining his life and most likely just because he dumped her . Here years ago, decades actually it was $50,000 when you could but a home unit or flat or even still some houses with that. Just for getting some older guy to “rape” you once or twice, depending how much you liked it.

      • In that sort of I dustey where sluts throw themselves at the stars he shouldBut she could easily have been well developed wornake up and mature clothes and said she was older. And a brazen little piece of work, who may have already been a sex worker even since about 12, can be very convincing and devious. They never NEVER ever do anyrhu g except paint the girl ad the victim and that’s not true And a child is not a teenager. We had at least 3 13 year olds have to take time out of school to have their babies Aretha Franklin had her fusdt at 14. Most women throughout history from every nation on earth was a mother by 14. I’m fed up with this current legal rubbish.

        • And they know most people don’t know (anything) so for example wouldn’t realize that a clever little operator even.from decades ago could charge $500 bucks for a bit of their time while adults at the same time thought they were dimg well getting anything from 20 bucks for a Frenchy to 120 for a 3 course menu. The kids were laughing their heads of at the “oldies” The wrinklies and they’re crapp pay And they had to pay taxes too.

          • And I know because I knew quite a lot of them, who I didn’t know what they were doing till they were much older, like 14 and then they told me what was going on rulight under everyone’s noses In their faces and obviously only a certain income bracket could afford those prices.

          • And really the facts are that never before in human history have teenagers been so repressed and indeed even pre pubescents It’s a freak of nature and isn’t normal It’s totally constructed by some Puritans with evil intentions actually to dumb down entire generations globally whilst pretending to care for the little children No you don’t care for children by making them as if emotional retards. That’s actually how you stunt their natural development.

          • And I m really sick of the way they use “education” to deceive everyone about the truth about human behaviour and normal socially acceptable human behaviours that have occurred all over the world in every culture religion race forever since the beginning of time, and instead fill their heads, until they’re totally brainwashed, with Absolute lies.

  2. That’s 25 to 99 years or Life in prison. This charge also does NOT require a unanimous verdict to convict. See Texas Penal Code 21.02. Prosecutorslike this one because it almost guarantees a win for them.

    • Exactly It’s set up that way that it’s virtually impossible to defend yourself. And rhe msm are all in on it too acting like hark the herald angels sing songs of truth and justice. They’re all full of it.

  3. I’m fed up with them projecting a. D scapegoating all of their really serious crimes, like stealing elections, crimes against humanity using bioengineering and technology, crimes of warfare and crimes of crime such as drug trafficking and money laundering and human trafficking involving murdering the produce as the end result, with sex crimes that really are nothing in comparison to the reality When are we going to see the billionaires who are hu ting children and teenagers for sport after or before raping and killing them? And that is happening every day It’s happening somewhere right now And they eat them too.
    We need to be real about the nature of serious crimes and who are guilty. And for that we need a change in the morality of the rule of law beginning with a release from the hypocrisy of deceitful puritanism and a balance of free expression of human natural sexuality, without any more guilt and shame needing forgiveness for a price per sin to the benevolent recipient..
    We need a balance between good and evil not extremism swinging back and forth like a pendelum on crack.

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