Woman Arrested For Throwing Paint Over Black Lives Matter ‘Mural’ Outside Trump Tower

Fact checked

The Black Lives Matter ‘mural’ outside the Trump Tower has been ‘defaced’ with paint….yet again.

The ‘street mural’ has only just been claned up after having white paint thrown across it.

39 year olf Guilet Dita Germanotta, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after allegedly throwing blue paint across the huge yellow lettering that the city has painted across the block of Fifth Avenue

New York Post reports: Germanotta was placed in custody around 4:12 p.m. was taken to the Midtown North precinct for processing. Charges are pending, according to police.

The mural has been vandalized nearly every week since it was installed on Thursday, July 9.

The de Blasio administration has painted similar murals on streets across the city, but singled out the block of Fifth Avenue to apparently send a message to the president as part of their ongoing feud.


  1. To start with it is not a mural, is is a racist logo!!! Defacing an racist logo is NOT against any law in any city!! I hope we have a new millionaire when she sues the city!!!

  2. Its how they promote revolutions It takes usually around 20 years of provocations. .This took longer since Manson triggered it in 1969, but somehow they seem placated by Nixon abandoning the gold standard in 1971 .For a while anyway but now theyre back .

  3. Really both antifa and blm have bern introduced to distract people from the real issue being how now democracy GLOBALLY has been HIJACKED by the UN using rhe Director General of Health .From there now every democracy on earth is being controlled completely by unelected BUREAUCRATS. We are living under a rule of law which has ” captured ” democracy and entrapped it into total submission and compliance. The real invisible war .The class war .

    • And IN EFFECT we are NOW under FASCIST RULE of Science via the health authorities to whom the rule of law says that we must obey submit and comply. With no democratic options.

  4. She’s arrested but the racists that painted it get to walk? Who’s governemnt is this in NYC?

    ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK while you can!!

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