Woman Claims She Cured Her Terminal Cancer With Cannabis Oil

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She is now campaigning to legalise medical cannabis in UK, saying: "I wouldn’t be here without it"

A 52 year old woman who was given just six weeks to live claims she has ‘cured’ her terminal cancer using cannabis oil

Joy Smith from Coventry, West Midlands, was told she had only weeks to live after being diagnosed with inoperable stomach and bowel cancer in August 2016.

Smith claims that small doses of cannabis oil containing THC, which is illegal in the UK, destroyed inoperable tumours, and that doctors were ‘amazed’ labelling her ‘Wonder Woman’.

She now says that ‘Cannabis oil should be legalised for medical purposes – people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them.’

The Mail Online reports: Nearly two years on, doctors, who described Ms Smith as ‘the luckiest woman in the world’, are baffled as her scans show just a small amount of the disease is left in her stomach, which she is confident will disappear with continued cannabis use.

As well as approaching a miracle remission, Ms Smith has also recently won £84,000 after entering a TV competition while ‘under the influence’ of cannabis oil.

She is speaking out to encourage cannabis’ legislation for medical use, saying: ‘I’m a walking miracle. The doctors call me Wonder Woman.

‘Cannabis oil should be legalised for medical purposes – people are dying and chemotherapy isn’t curing them.’

Ms Smith takes the nutritional supplement cannabidiol, which is derived from cannabis and is legal in the UK, however, her treatment also contains THC, which is what makes users ‘high’ and is not permitted.

She is believed to buy the oil illegally online.

‘I would not be here without it’

Speaking of taking cannabis oil, which she describes as being like eating ‘thick black tar’ mixed with olive oil, Ms Smith said: ‘When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything, trust me.

‘I was a bit sceptical about the oil at first as I’d never taken drugs or anything like that – but I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody.’

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ms Smith was told chemotherapy would only buy her more time.

She started having treatment every two weeks for three days, but had to have the line that delivered her chemotherapy taken out after she developed sepsis.

Ma Smith was unaware her friends had been researching an alternative cancer cure online until she was handed a cannabis-based tablet out of the blue.

She said: ‘I didn’t want to take it at first; I didn’t know what it was.

‘Afterwards I felt drunk, all the nurses were looking at me and I was trying to act normal. I couldn’t speak, my words just slurred out.’

Ms Smith then started researching cannabis oil online and discovered it had worked for other sufferers.

She said: ‘I was looking for reassurance. I wanted to know if anyone had ever been cured by it.

‘I was taking it on and off. But when I’d been having it three-to-five times a week, the scans were getting better and then when I stopped taking it the scans showed no change.

‘At first I was only taking a tiny drop the size of about half a grain of rice.

‘Sometimes it takes hours to kick in and sometimes it’s straight away. You do get stoned and you get very tired. It made me want to sleep so I tend to just stay in bed when I’ve taken it.’




  1. Lies! Everyone I know who smokes weed has cancer and has smoked it for ten years+. They want you high so you are easy to conquer like the native Americans. Put down the hash, UK.

    • It’s nothing to do with smoking. It’s hemp oil, which is very beneficial. Plus you can get one without THC, so you don’t get stoned.

    • That’s exactly right. Marijuana does what alcohol cannot do; it leads to a level of complicity and stupidity that makes people blindly accept things and not question anything. The perfect drug to conquer the West. Even a total drunk can wake up and sober up. Potheads are helpless until a divinely appointed miracle comes along, and still deal with often permanent damage.

  2. Still no evidence anywhere that any portion of the hemp/cannabis plants helps anyone cure anything. Just more claims. Until there is proof, this is fakery.

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