World Health Organization Declares That Unvaccinated Citizens Are ‘Murderers’

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World Health Org labels unvaccinated individuals 'murderers'

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially labeled unvaccinated people a “major killing force” and has warned that non-compliant citizens are no better than murderers.

In a recently published video on the WHO Twitter page, Dr. Peter Hotez declared that “anti-vaccine activism” is “anti-science aggression” and links people who refused the COVID injections to the “far right.” reports: The WHO has made this wholesale condemnation of “anti-vaccine activists” despite the fact that many people have been seriously injured or even died after receiving the experimental COVID jabs. A Swiss study for instance found elevated troponin levels – indicating heart injury – across all vaccinated people, with 2.8 percent showing levels associated with subclinical myocarditis.

Furthermore, a group of scientists recently conducted a risk-benefit analysis which showed that getting a COVID-19 “booster shot” is at least 18 times more dangerous than catching the virus itself for young people under the age of 30. 

However, the WHO’s showcased physician did not acknowledge these facts in his rant.

“We have to recognize that anti-vaccine activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression, has now become a major killing force globally,” Hotez said in the video, using a backdrop of photos of protestors against the COVID shots. 

The University Professor of Biology at Baylor College of Medicine claimed that “during the COVID pandemic in the United States, 200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives because they refused a COVID vaccine, even after vaccines became widely available.” 

“And now the anti-vaccine activism is expanding across the world […].” 

“It’s a killing force,” Hotez proclaimed. “Anti-science now kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or cyber-attacks.”

The scientist did not provide evidence for this dramatic claim.

“And now it’s become a political movement,” he continued. “In the U.S. it’s linked to far [sic] extremism on the far right, same in Germany.” 

“So this is a new face of anti-science aggression. And so we need political solutions to address this.”

The doctor did not provide evidence in the video that opposition to the dangerous, experimental COVID jabs is linked to extremists.

Hotez is a pediatrician who works in the field of vaccine research and development and, in addition to his post at Baylor College of Medicine, is the Chair of Tropical Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital.  

The WHO is known for its radical pro-abortion stance and promotion of “abortion access” all around the world. 

 Its current director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was a member of the Ethiopia’s communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front and served its Minister of Health when it was in power. The party was declared a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian government in 2021. 

Hotez appears to be very close to Ghebreyesus, as he recently described him as “my brother and mentor Dr. Tedros,” in a Tweet responding to the murder of the WHO director’s uncle.


  1. “It’s a killing force,” Hotez proclaimed. “Anti-science now kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or cyber-attacks.”

    Yes, the anti-science of the vaccine pushers really is killing that many people. I’m baffled at how people like Hotez can pretend the mRNA vaxxes are beneficial, when the evidence of their poison properties is right in everyone’s face.

    As for being declared a “murderer” because I’m a pureblood: they’re really getting desperate now. I admit to taking pleasure watching them squirm.

  2. I don’t think they anticipated that such a large number of people would refuse to get the jab and now they’re panicking about how to deal with us when all the jabbed people are dead.

    • They won’t all die at all Maybe 5 %. Humans are their most profitable resource The jabs make them trillions and they will be telling everyone they need boosters forevermore From cradle to grave.

      • The end goal is to depopulate the earth. They don’t need us any more, not for profit or work, there are robots and they have plenty of money already.

  3. Ask the little infant who died of a blood clot after receiving a blood transfusion of vaccinated blood donors; Who’s the murderer.

  4. Probably a liberal and liberals hate ppl not like themselves. Just for once, consider a view other than your own and leave ppl the fk alone instead of forcing your agenda on them

  5. They push their panic-rethoric now that more and more it becomes obvious that “the science” FACTS tell us the opposite!

    But they will come for the ‘pure-bloods! They will hunt them down and lock them up in ‘medical’ concentration camps where they will be kept as living organ- and blood donors for the elite who want to live forever. The rest of the vaxxed are dead, as was the plan by the WEF and its promotors like K1ll-B1ll G@tes and that sickening ‘wannabee-adolph’ djoo Harari!

    But only if we let them do whatever they want and let them get away with it.


  6. This guy can kiss my azz. If this punk wants to tell these lies at least have the balls to come say it to our faces.

  7. You have to be a total tard to accept these foul shots. They are poison and the traitors that are pushing them know that.

  8. As Always, ‘they’ Are Attempting To Turn Us On Each Other Instead of On the True “Murderers” – ‘them’…

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