Fauci Says He Doesn’t Have A Clue Why DeSantis Wants To Investigate Covid Vaccines

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Fauci - DeSantis

Dr Fauci said he hasnt got a clue why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to investigate covid vaccines.

The Outgoing National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director was talking during an interview with CNN’s “At This Hour” when he made the comments.

On Tuesday DeSantis launched an official investigation into the experimental mNRA vaccines, and the criminal misdeeds committed by Big Pharma and government agencies who pushed them onto the public.

Breitbart reports: Anchor Kate Bolduan said, “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now asking the Florida Supreme Court to greenlight an investigation into, and the way he put it is, any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 vaccine. What’s your reaction to that?”Fauci said, “I don’t have a clue, Kate, what he’s asking for. We have a vaccine that unequivocally is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives. The Commonwealth Fund has come out with a report this past week that vaccinations have saved 3.2 million lives, 18 million hospitalizations, and approximately $1 trillion in costs. So what’s the problem with vaccines? I mean, vaccines are lifesaving. Quite frankly, Kate, I’m not sure what they’re trying to do down there.”

He added, “It has been politicized, and politicized in a way that has actually cost lives. If people don’t get vaccinated, which unequivocally is lifesaving, because of political ideology or because of misinformation and disinformation, that costs lives. We just have to get the American public, regardless of whether you lean left or right, it doesn’t matter at all; we’re all in this together, we’re all human beings and susceptible to disease that can kill us.”


  1. Meanwhile one if De Santos biggest donors has been found dead in his car, presumably suicide by gunshot, due to being investigated for sex crimes
    I don’t trust De Santos. Never have. Nothing is what it seems
    Everyone s known Faucis reputation for 40 years but they all go along with him until now when it’s too late anyway and when we know the COURTS won’t touch Fauci. DeSantos, in his position knows it too Hes putting on a show.

    • Meanwhile DS is knockin downst…ORG crime faster than a china blowup Doll Ching ching$$$ trail back2china than?

    • Governor Desantis on Judea and Samaria at the @RJC: “I don’t care what the State
      Department says, they are not occupied territory.”

    • agree, there is a lot shady about DeSantis, he is a former Navy JAG. “former”? That organization is fully of dirty tricks.

      • Naval Inteligence runs most things actually. They ran the entire creation of the 1960s hippy movement that birthed the Church of Satan from Laurel Canyon secret facility where they made more movies than Hollywood. Those movies are a large part of what you tube plays as historical. Documentaries and mass formation mind control programming I’m pretty sure. Just with new voice overs now to sound new.

        • Yes, Charlie Manson and the manson family were one of their little psychological experiments of mind control. Sharon Tate’s husband Polanski was in on the attack. He was told to leave the house and go on a business trip. Sharon was to be sacrificed for the experiment. Charlie was MK ultra and had handlers.
          That doctor the found drugs hidden in the bodies of dead soldiers returning from Vietnam was set up by a Army intel hit squad. They killed his family but didn’t kill him. I think he was supposed to die in the home invasion, but he didn’t, so they framed him that he committed the murders of his own family.
          Jim Jones cult was another CIA mind control experiment, they used that data they learned on the population recently for the Corona joke.
          They wont stop, it will get worse and worse, larger and larger.

        • Christina DeSantis, Ron Desantis’s sister, died on May 12, 2015, in London, United Kingdom. She was only 30 years old when she lost her life and left this world.

          Her untimely death both devastated and heartbroken her family. She was also engaged to her fiance, Stephen Pasiewicz, with whom she planned to marry soon.

          Her funeral service was held at St. Charles Church on June 7, 2015, and she was buried at Curley Hills Memory Gardens in Florida, USA.

          • Good find. Have you seen the post on Michael DeSantis who is head of 1 of the mafia crime families? Wonder if it’s a relative.

          • wow, I bet he is, you know what they say about the mafia and intel. they are the same thing. that one did pop up. hmmmm.

  2. The little man must be terrified. He is certainly senile, can’t remember 174 times. Now he just invents numbers and attaches significance. What a rube.

    • He’s playacting They all are instructed by the same source. They tell them how to play their parts and they pull the strings behind the scenes Just like they’ve taken years to set up the defence story for Seths murder before they let the FBI admit they have the lap top They’ve already planned the next moves that result Well ahead to ensure the revelations are totally damage controlled beforehand.

  3. I can see why Fauci survived so long in the dog-eat-dog world of government. Although he’s not a great doctor/scientist, he’s not stupid. He’s not SO insulated from the outside world – he knows what’s going on. I have to hand it to him – he is highly-skilled at (acting as if he believes) the lies he parlays and the damage he’s done are nonexistent. Unfortunately, for him, it won’t save him.

  4. They’re going to populate the planet with billions more They need security So they need then jabbed in order to be able to track and monitor and control them WIRELESSLY using 5g.
    It’s like a dog microchip but with superpowers I suspect.
    5g can microwave you to death I’ve read. I don’t know.
    I’m sure they have plenty of secrets that are kept

  5. dirty harry cell block13 Thinks manson was a MK-ultra? nah he was a acid headed fuax hippy to STOP the anti-war movement via the other fake hippy(SS) of hollywoods copys and imported faux artistes britty brits.The undegrounf WON anyway and stopped the draft as many jews&workin classes burned their draft cards THUS ending the DMZ war game in nam But many walkin wounded delayed stress came home and KILLED lit kids4cashola$$$CBS control group NONCOM!!!!

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