Biden Says Bans On Transgender Surgeries For Kids Is Connected To Anti-Semitism & Racism

Fact checked
Joe Biden

Joe Biden has somehow connected the Republicans ban on transgender surgeries for children to anti-semitism and racism.

Biden was talking about transgender kids during a speech at the White House when he tied racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and transphobia all together.

He said “Folks, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia — they’re all connected”

Breitbart reports: The president spoke about laws passed by Republican states to make irreversible gender transitioning procedures for children illegal, arguing they were transphobic and inspired by hate.

“We need to challenge the hundreds of callous and cynical laws introduced in the states targeting transgender children, terrifying families, and criminalizing doctors who give children the care they need,” he said.

Repealing Republican laws banning gender transitioning treatments for children, Biden argued, is part of the government’s role to “protect children.”

“We have to protect these children so they know they are loved and that we will stand up for them and so they can seek for themselves,” he said.

Biden made his comments on the transgender agenda during a White House signing ceremony of a bill passed to make same-sex marriages legal.

This law, and the love it defends, strike a blow against hate in all its forms,” he said. “And that’s why this law matters to every single American, no matter who you are or who you love.”

He warned that Republicans fighting to protect children from transgender activists posed a threat to communities that were trying to be more inclusive.


  1. Because he serves Satan and they support Soddom and Gomorrah and
    Pride. Because the mefical industry is satanic and because all religions, at the elite level agreed to make the Pope the team leader moving forward into the new world.Because by his own admission the Pope is the Vicar of Satan.

  2. Xiden and other liberals have a cool trick that i would use if i was a liar, like them. Whenever they don’t like something, call it racist or whatever and demand the offender is arrested. Rubes!

  3. In 1919, the Institute for ‘Sexual Research’ in Berlin offered the first surgical sex changes, abortions, lectures, ‘sex counseling’, room rentals, a large library of pornography and erotic literature, including bestiality and pedophilia, and a Museum of Sex featuring a wide array of homosexual fetish items, dildos, “masturbation machines”, etc…

    https : // nationalvanguard . org/2019/06/ the-jewish-pioneers-of-sexual-degeneracy-in-1920s-berlin/

  4. Biden’s mind is where the perversion of converting children into the opposite sex and his antisemitism get linked together. Why is Biden still in power. Impeach now.

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