Apple BANS Protests in China: “We Will Help Chinese Regime Stomp Out Dissenters”

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Apple announces it is working with Chinese regime to stomp out protests

Apple has announced that it is banning citizens in China from protesting against the Chinese regime by restricting the use of AirDrop, a move that helps the CCP block people from organizing protests.

Over the past week, hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens have taken to the streets to protest the authoritarian lockdowns in the country.

Much of the unrest was in response to an incident in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi, where around 40 people were killed during an apartment fire because lockdown rules stopped residents from exiting the burning building. reports: With Beijing now trying to contain what some are calling the most serious mass uprising since Tiananmen Square, Apple is apparently helping them to crush dissent.

Earlier this month, Apple restricted the use of AirDrop in China, which protesters had been using to evade censorship.

AirDrop allows local connections between devices, meaning it cannot be monitored or censored by local authorities.

However, Apple launched an update to the app in China that restricted usage to just 10 minutes, making it harder for protesters to communicate with other activists, as well as send messages nearby bystanders and tourists.

AirDrop was also being used by protesters in Hong Kong, who were brutally suppressed by the CCP during months of unrest in 2019.

The smartphone company chose to roll out the new “feature” in China only right as the country experienced its biggest demonstrations in decades, which some would suggest is more than just a coincidence.

“Apple has helped Beijing to suppress public dissent multiple times, mostly by complying with its requests to remove apps used by protestors for information and communication,” reports Reclaim the Net.

“Apple also helps the Chinese Communist Party prevent users from remaining private by banning VPNs in the region.”

The development coincides with Elon Musk revealing that Apple is threatening to remove Twitter from the app store entirely over its support for – God forbid – free speech.


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