World Health Organization Finally Admits COVID Was Leaked from a Chinese Lab

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World Health Organization finally admits that COVID leaked from a Chinese lab

The World Health Organization has finally admitted what the rest of us have known for two years – that COVID-19 was leaked from a Chinese lab.

For two years, the mainstream media and Big Tech have viciously silenced anybody who tried discussing the evidence that COVID originated from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Now, suddenly, the WHO is admitting that the lab leak theory is worthy of a serious look and says there are several important pieces still missing from the origin puzzle. reports: It’s hard to say why this sharp change of attitude has occurred, but it is now very difficult to deny the facts. 

Evidence has been mounting for some time that the virus was at the very least coaxed into existence through mutation processes if not outright engineered.  Covid-19 is a 96% match to a virus sample collected and held at the Wuhan lab for several years.  This same virus strain does not naturally exist anywhere near Wuhan, only in the lab, and the 4% discrepancy could be explained by gain of function research. 

Such research is now a confirmed FACT, and was funded by Anthony Fauci, the NIH, NIAID and related institutions for years.    

The only “evidence” to support the wet market theory of covid’s origin comes from the Chinese government, which has a vested interest in lying about the situation and still has yet to release any accurate data on covid deaths within the country.  The claim was essentially debunked by Chinese researchers when multiple cases of early infections were discovered among people who had no contact with the market in Wuhan.   Extensive evidence now supports the lab leak theory, an argument made by the alternative media during the entire course of the pandemic and one which we were constantly attacked for. 

Will the WHO ever actually admit that the most likely scenario for the covid outbreak is a lab leak from the massive Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan which specializes in covid gain of function research? 

No, they won’t. 

But, they will now try to act as if they are entertaining the idea because if they do not they will lose all credibility in the process.  Many researchers argue that it’s already too late for that. 

The mainstream media continues to perpetuate numerous falsehoods surrounding covid and has built a complex narrative of assumptions and misdirections to deny reality.  As time passes, more and more of the original narrative falls apart. 


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