“Lack Of Hygiene” Forces Italy’s 1st Sex Doll Brothel To Shut Down Days After Opening

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Italy's only sex doll brothel has been raided by police and health officers

Italy’s first sex doll brothel was raided by the police on Wednesday, just nine days after it opened.

The pioneering sex doll brothel was shut down by authorities due to a “lack of hygiene” and other offenses, with all eight of its silicone sex workers seized for forensic examination.

RT reports:  Until its sudden closure on Wednesday, LumiDolls in Torino, northwestern Italy charged clients €80 ($90) for 30 minutes of alone time with the hyper realistic dolls which cost roughly 2,000 euro each to produce.

Authorities are concerned over hygiene at the establishment and also insufficient information on the materials the dolls were made from and their country of manufacture, according to Wired Italy. The brothel owners claim that they clean the dolls for two hours once a client has finished with them. Police are also investigating whether the brothel breached Italian laws on renting out accommodation and alleged but unspecified illegal activity.

The brothel was staffed by seven female mannequins and one male sex doll called Alessandro which boasts an adjustable penis that can extend between five and seven inches.

Clients could choose which model they would like to rent, how it was dressed and what sexual position it was placed in – which, according to the brothel’s brochure, could be “almost as many as in the Kama Sutra.”

The LumiDolls establishment, which operated exclusively during daytime hours at an undisclosed location in the city, has a total of eight rooms all of which have en suite bathrooms and televisions showing porn. The owners claimed previously that, prior to opening on September 3, their dolls were booked out for weeks in advance. The owners have been warned against continuing operations until the health authority’s investigation has concluded, The Local Italy reports.

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