Young Boy Recounts Past Life As 1930’s Hollywood Star

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Young boy recounts past life as 1930's Hollywood movie star

NBC news recently interviewed an amazing young boy from the U.S. who claims he has memories of previous lives.

10-year-old Ryan from Oklahoma is able to remember details from his past life with vivid accuracy. He says he remembers being a 1930’s Hollywood movie star. reports:

He says he was an actor on broadway who worked for an agency, travelled the world and was married 5 times. They were actually able to open a book and have him point to a man he says he was.

His mom, acting as a support, decided to take him to a child psychologist who really seemed to know what’s going on. He approached these cases with a beautifully open mind, something many professors are afraid of doing.

His conclusion after 50 years of the university collecting 2500 different cases of children remembering past lives is: ”These cases demand an explanation, we can’t just write them off.”

They were able to confirm 55 of the things Ryan said were accurate. How could a child make up something so specific, so foreign to them? There’s so much in this world we don’t fully comprehend, but instead of dismissing it, we need to actively support the investigation of these topics.

It’s great to see scientists, doctors and experts of their field helping support these taboo ideas, as they are simply something we don’t understand yet.

This story is so fascinating, and it has such a great twist. I’ll let you watch the rest yourself!

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  1. Another anecdotal on reincarnation. Reincarnation, NDE and PLR are great subjects to pursue. If you study them you will be more comfortable on how you think of death and an afterlife. I have always felt that if there is not an afterlife, there is no point to having this life.

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