Young Royals To Be Monitored On The Internet

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Young Royals To Be Monitored On The Internet

The younger members of the British Royal family are to lose some of their internet access privileges. GCHQ has reportedly picked up “Chatter” concerning the Young Royals and a Russian online plot. Harry, Kate and William are to change their personal email addresses and report any suspicious activities.

Prince Harry is to stop using his Facebook page. Even the newest members- Beatrice and Eugenie are to be monitored on their social media pages. The electronic online threat could allow overseas hackers to get information from the innocent royals which could cost Big businesses and Industries Millions. It comes in the wake of the Phone hacking scandal by the ‘News Of The World’, where the Young Royals had their royal phones hacked 200 times. The Young Royals are accused of being naive when it comes to communication security. However it is reported that Captain Wales ( Harry), managed to use a “Batphone” while serving in Afghanistan to get around the hacking problem. He used the phone to communicate with his future princess, the then girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

Daily Mail reports:

Harry, Kate and William, as well as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, have been told to make the urgent changes after security officials detected a new threat of corporate and government snooping – most probably coming from Russia – aimed at the Royals.

The younger members of the Royal family are seen as particularly vulnerable because of their use of social media.

And the espionage risk is being taken so seriously that Prince Harry is believed to have also been told he must close down his Facebook page.

The order came after staff at eavesdropping agency GCHQ issued warnings about ‘chatter’ on the airwaves that prompted suspicion that the Royals have been targeted.
I’m told the threat has been picked up over the past five weeks and comes from hackers looking to expose state secrets and details of multi-million-pound deals, as well as Royal gossip.
It is thought that snoops are offering huge rewards to anyone who can manage to hack into the Royal accounts.

The young Royals have all been warned that just one careless or unguarded remark could be enough to jeopardise lucrative contracts.
A source told me: ‘Younger members of the Royals, Harry, Kate and William, even Beatrice and Eugenie, have been warned they are targets of electronic hackers attempting to intercept their emails.
‘They are after any useful information about high-level Government plans that could affect major companies or industries. In the financial world, advance knowledge is worth millions. One slip could cost millions in business.

‘And they have been warned to be on guard. They have to report anything strange that pops up immediately.’
The warning has apparently come as quite the shock to the young Royals, who – perhaps naively – had ‘no idea’ they could be a target.
A threat from closer to home was exposed last year, when Clive Goodman, former Royal Editor at the now defunct News Of The World admitted in court to hacking the phones of William, Kate and Harry almost 200 times.


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