You’re Fired: Trump Gets Everyone To Pull Socks Up

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“The Apprentice” politician and now U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is already influencing American policy and indirectly shaping the Middle East.

The star and producer of the reality show “The Apprentice” on NBC, Donald Trump is beginning to give the jitters to those in Washington and the Pentagon who might face the chop.

The nation knows that those unsuited for their jobs will soon face the Donald who might point the finger at them and say “You’re fired!”

It appears that President-elect Donald Trump in anticipation of swapping his penthouse for the White House is indirectly helping Russia and Syria win the war on terror.

Fort Russ reports:

Before Trump launched his presidential slogan “Make America Great Again,” in the public’s mind he was already associated with another catchphrase: “You’re fired!”, which he yelled at the careless participants of his TV show. Some American commentators have even written that voters might have voted for him just to see whether he would dress down Washington officials in the same way he did on TV. So far, at least in front of cameras, Trump is behaving relatively restrained, especially since he has no official rights yet. But the press is already leaking information about what he is doing behind closed doors.

For example, USA Today, a newspaper which is very skeptical towards the new president, reports that Trump’s first victims are Pentagon generals. He has set before them the unspoken task of working out a plan for mass, effective airstrikes on ISIS. The due date is in 30 days and will have unpredictable, negative consequences for those generals who will not fulfill the order or will handle it poorly.

The sources of American journalists are even complaining that these generals could be forced to – get ready – cooperate with Russia and even share information with the Russian air force, something which for many senior US commanders is worse than having to shred their insignia.

Now let me explain why this plan for “massive bombardments against ISIS” is important. Remember what our diplomats and officers constantly say about the US’ actions – the Americans have only been supposedly bombing ISIS for several years, and the number of flights is scanty and their successes feature, for example, only two killed ISIS leaders. It is clear these bombardments were carried out in such a way so as to not harm the terrorist groups sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and those groups whom Clinton considered to be the main tool in the fight against Assad.

And now it turns out that Trump is already going to force the American military machine, under threat of dismissals, to really bomb their yesterday allies. Obama has oriented himself in this situation best of all, since he might need to be given a consolation prize for being the most quirky American politician. After three years of inactivity and after his peace deal with Putin that Clinton’s supporters (the same “forces in Washington” that Putin spoke about at Valdai) tore up, the departing American president has decided to indulge this opportunity to the fullest. Here’s what American media are writing today. The Washington Post, citing senior officials in the outgoing administration, writes that Barack Obama has ordered to find and destroy leaders of the terrorist group Jebhat Al-Nusra. Although it is better to wait for official statements, it can be assumed that this information is accurate since the Washington Post is a newspaper with good sources in the US Democratic Party.

Why does Obama need to do this? First of all, this is an opportunity to complete what he was not allowed to do a few months ago. Secondly, this is an opportunity to leave the White House with an image of a great fighter against terrorism. Remember how Hillary Clinton virtually claimed for herself the laurels as the “killer of Bin Laden”? Now the outgoing president has the opportunity to level the score and, if lucky, deprive Trump of the ability to win the laurels for being an active fighter against terrorism and the first to start really bombing ISIS.

Here it needs to be said that everyone can understand the consequences of these decisions without resorting to any conspiracies. For example, The Washington Post’s last issue was published with the headline: “Obama directs Pentagon to target al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, one of the most formidable forces fighting Assad.” Translated from journalistic lingo into common speech, this sounds like “Help! Obama has decided to whack our main allies and reconsidered removing Assad!” Amazing.
Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but there are already encouraging changes in how American politicians and the military are acting. Some simply don’t want Trump’s catchphrase “You’re fired!” thrown in their faces, while others are simply trying to solve their own problems. But no matter what, this all suits us. One thing is already clear: life will be difficult for Assad and Russia’s enemies in Syria when the Russian combat group approaching the coast of Syria begins its work. It will be quite difficult for them. Now they can only hope for a miracle.

By Ruslan Ostashko / PolitRussia – Translated by J. Arnoldski

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