Zelensky Is ‘Not All He’s Portrayed As’ By Western Media Says Mainstream Reporter

Fact checked

Cory Bernardi, a mainstream reporter from Sky News has spoken out about the Ukrainian President VlodymyrZelensky, saying he is ‘not all he’s being portrayed as’ by the Western media.

“Something about all this doesn’t add up. There’s an agenda at work in the Ukraine that is much greater than staving off the Russian invaders. We are wise to take everything we’re told about this conflict with a huge grain of salt” he says.

In just five minutes Bernardi manages to expose Zelensky and his connection to the Nazi Azov Battalion, how he has banned free speech, his crimes, and his ‘fame whoring’



  1. 50% of His? country`s population has left and 90% of those still there are displaced so he has nothing left to defend

  2. Zelensky embodies the culmination of the entire global corruption by the globalist of the entire western world. By rule of law.

  3. What a brain dead crowd. The Azov “battalion”is actually a regiment. At least get its structure correct. It was founded by a Ukrainian nationalist to counter the Russian nationalists who attempted to seized Donbas at the behest of Putin. He was forced out within a few months. Putin couldn’t co-opt NATO so he did the next best thing when the present clown in the WH took over. He tried to seize what he wanted all along. You’re all to stupid, ignorant, or a combination of both, to recognize Putin’s con. He needs Ukraine for it’s oil and gas fields, agricultural output and its warm water ports. He also sees the demographic catastrophe that is overtaking Russia, a collapsing slavic population being replaced by muslim immigrants from central asia.

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