11-Year-Old Spanish Girl Gives Birth To 14-Year-Old Brother’s Baby

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An 11-year-old Spanish girl has given birth to her 14-year-old brother's baby, according to police reports.

An 11-year-old Spanish girl has given birth to her 14-year-old brother’s baby, according to police reports. 

Authorities investigating the 11-year-old mother said they have determined the baby’s father is her older brother – and he was just 13 years old when he got her pregnant.

The elementary school girl, whose name has been withheld to guard her privacy, gave birth at a hospital in Murcia, south east Spain, where consensual incest between adults is legal.

According to local reports, the 11-year-old mom was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, with her parents believing she had an intestinal disorder.

But on arrival, the emergency department of La Arrixaca hospital quickly realised the girl was in the later stages of labor and about to give birth last Friday.

The Sun reports: Police officers were called in to probe the identity of the dad and believe he was the older sibling of the child’s mum, a Bolivian immigrant.

Sources close to the case said the brother will not face any proceedings under Spanish law, even if it is proven, because he is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Spain raised the age of consent from 13 to 16 in 2013 but an exception is made if sex is consensual when the boy is of similar age or stage of development and maturity.

DNA tests will now take place to confirm the family claims about who the baby’s dad is.

Regional Health authority boss Manuel Villegas described the case as “exceptional“, adding: “We have to wait now.

“An investigation is still ongoing and when everything has been clarified, we’ll see what has happened and if we can help in some way.”

Local reports said there was no evidence to suggest the two siblings had not had consensual sex.

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