3,600 Year Old Bible Predicts Impending Cataclysms Worldwide

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3,600 year old Bible predicts global cataclysms

A 3,600 year old Bible warns humanity of future disasters that are set to occur, as well as past events that have already taken place. 

The Kolbrin is the first Judaic-Christian book that unites events described in the currently accepted version of the Bible.

This version of the Bible speaks of events from different periods of time that were purposefully hidden by Christian textbooks.

Newsprepper.com reports:

It is the only document of its kind to tell the entire story of human creation, including the people who walked this earth before the coming of Adam and Eve mentioned in the Holy Bible.

The term “Fallen Angels” in Genesis referred to men who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children instead of the current view – that of spiritual beings.

It is mentioned that they descended from an advanced scientific and religious society who survived earlier cataclysms by hiding in caves. They called themselves “The Sons of God” and the mentioned cataclysm happened as a result of their actions.

Could this tie the original creation story from the Holy Bible to the story of Atlantis and Lemuria telling of a great catastrophe which destroyed “Eden” as a result of these “Sons’ of God” wickedness?

Comprised of eleven books, it offers extensive knowledge, combining five texts written by the Celtic mystics after the death of Jesus Christ and six ancient Egyptian scrolls written by scribes after the events following the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt.

It is believed that Joseph of Arimathea, great uncle to Jesus, managed to save the Egyptian scrolls after Julius Caesar invaded Egypt and burned down the greatest library in the world at that time – The Library of Alexandria, destroying over 700,000 scrolls containing knowledge about countless events from the past.

The remaining scrolls were brought from Judea to Britain by Joseph and the followers and friends of Jesus, where they were stored inside the Glastonbury Abbey (also founded by Joseph) in Somerset County, in the southwest of Britain for safekeeping.

However, in 1184, the abbey burned down to the ground and some of the original scrolls were lost. Fortunately, some of the manuscripts were carved into thin bronze sheets and deposited in copper-clad boxes.

These bronze sheets became known as the Bronzebook of Britain and were later united with another collection entitled The Coelbook – work of Celtic mystics, wisemen who studied astronomy, mathematics, oratory, medicine and religion. Much of that knowledge is contained in the Kolbrin Bible.


The Kolbrin also has a special third party account of the Exodus from Egypt at the time of Moses. It tells about Princess Scota, daughter of Ramses II, who lived during the time of Moses and she was believed to have been one of the princesses who cared for Moses as a child.

She married a Hebrew noble and went all the way to Britain. It is even rumored that Scotland was named after her.
The Kolbrin Bible has some unique predictions and also speaks of the passing of the 12th Planet –The Destroyer, and about The Great Flood, linking both of them as it follows:

“Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight. There, riding on a black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the heavens, for it was her day of judgement. The beast opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke.

It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and heaven could no longer be seen. In the evening the places of the stars were changed, they rolled across the sky to new stations, then the floodwaters came.

The floodgates of Heaven were opened and the foundations of Earth were broken apart. The surrounding waters poured over the land and broke upon the mountains. The storehouses of the winds burst their bolts asunder, so storms and whirlwinds were loosed to hurl themselves upon Earth.

In the seething waters and howling gales all buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and mountains cast down. There was a time of great heat, then came a bitter cold. The waves over the waters did not rise and fall but seethed and swirled, there was an awful sound above.”

The curious translation of the text offers new insight of our current history. It remodels the events which occured or links them to other events known to us in present days. If proven to be authentic, this mystical piece of knowledge could help humanity overcome whatever major disaster awaits us.

Until then, further investigations have to be made to elucidate this great mystery.


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