4 Proven Health Benefits Of Meditation

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From an article in Higher Perspective:  In the past, we’ve talked about some of the physiological effects of meditation, like how our bodies change on a cellular level during and after meditation. We’ve also written about how meditation can lead you to harmony and inner peace. And it’s not just a bunch of malarkey! There are four scientifically proven health benefits.

1. Meditating improves your ability to recall memories. New research has indicated that meditation enhances our ability to recall memories. Catherine Kerr, a researcher at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and the Osher Research Center found that those who practice meditation routinely could adjust their brainwaves and allow themselves to be less distracted and increase productivity and the integration of new information.

“Mindfulness meditation has been reported to enhance numerous mental abilities, including rapid memory recall. Our discovery that mindfulness meditators more quickly adjusted the brain wave that screens out distraction could explain their superior ability to rapidly remember and incorporate new facts,” says Kerr.

2. Meditation reduces the risk of heart disease. A cardiovascular study that involved 201 people with coronary heart disease were studied. In this study, they were given two choices. The first was to take a health education class that improved diet and exercise. The second was to take a class on transcendental meditation.

Those in group two had a 48% reduction in the overall risk of heart attack, stroke and death. Those in group one, of course, also saw a reduction in the threat of heart disease’s worst impacts.

3. Meditating loosens our neural pathways. Rebecca Gladding, M.D., in an article in Psychology Today wrote about how the brain functions better with meditation. Basically, she explains that the brain can be molded by meditation, particularly the brain’s connection to fear and sense of self. This reduces our fears and anxieties.

4. Meditating routinely speeds up your brain’s processing potential. Your brain is like a computer and meditating is the defragmentation program. According to one studymeditation alters the geometry of the brain’s surface. 50 meditators and 50 controls showed that those who meditated showed a positive correlation between the amount of gyrification in parts of the brain and the number of years of meditation for people, especially long-term meditators. That increase reflected a speeding up of cognitive processes.
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