6 Yr Old Boy Died After Father Poured Hot Water Down His Throat To ‘Exorcise Demon’

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A six year old boy died a painful death after his Father poured scorching water down his throat to get rid of a demon he claimed had possessed his son.

The child was allegedly murdered by the self styled exorcist Pablo Martinez on an Indian Reservation close to Tuscon, Arizona, last week.

Court documents say Martinez told investigators he had seen something evil inside his son and wanted to cast it out. Martinez admitted that he poured hot water down his son’s throat and held him under water for 5-10 minutes

Metro reports: Martinez, 31, reportedly struck after volunteering to give GB a bath at his adopted mother Romelia Martinez’s home last Thursday.

The woman told police she could hear a gurgling coming from the bathroom, and noticed its door was locked.

Concerned, she unlocked the door and was stunned to see Martinez holding GB under the faucet of the bathtub, according to a report seen by KOLD. 

Romelia Martinez reportedly screamed at the alleged murderer to stop multiple times, only for Martinez to tell her ‘he had to do it.’

After he was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, Martinez claimed to have observed the boy experiencing ‘an unnatural fit of rage.’

He reportedly admitted to holding GB under the tap for five to 10 minutes, and claimed that the hot water was ‘casting out the demon,’ it is claimed.

Romelia Martinez is said to have tried to call a pastor, before dialing 911.

She said she was Martinez perform CPR on her son, and pour cold water on him, but to no avail.

After police arrived, Martinez reportedly told them that they ‘wouldn’t understand’ what he had done.

He is then said to have told them ‘I did it,’ then called the boy ‘demonic,’ and added that he ‘had a demon inside him and that he needed to save him.’

Romelia Martinez herself is said to have told police that the youngster had been acting in a demonic manner in the days leading up to his death.

The youngster was discovered naked and propped-up on a pillow.

He was taken to Diamond Children’s Hospital in Tuscon and pronounced dead, with burns covering 15% of his body.


  1. All of the named generations over the past century have been victims of demons and idiots as parents, 90%+ of them. It’s not a matter of upbringing, so much as how people handle the recovery of being emotionally, psychically, verbally, or even sexually skinned alive. North America is the home of child abuse and torture. Especially the US, a nation that dedicated itself upon inception to YHWH (aka Satan).

    While this child did not deserve to suffer, he will not have to deal with 20+ more years. He has been freed. Much better outcome than dealing with 2 decades (IF they’re LUCKY) of abuse, watching all his similar-aged peers abuse pot, heroin, and alcohol, and then being stuck at his home in a rust belt, inner-city, or decaying area, like most young Americans have to deal with. Or vying for a job that requires a commute on dangerous highways, dangerous cities, or hours of metro commuting. I don’t hear anyone talking about how even driving nowadays with all these brain-dead idiots is a full-time job.

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