A Russia-US Conflict Will End ‘Life As We Know It’ Tulsi Gabbard Warns

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Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has accused warmongers in the White House of escalating tensions with Russia.

She also warned that ‘life as we know it’ will end if the tensions between Washington and Moscow continues to ‘escalate’.

Gabbard issued her dire warning arguing that a conflict between “two nuclear armed powers” can only end in “the destruction of the world and life as we know it.” 

RT reports: President Joe Biden and other administration officials have issued multiple threats to Russia should they move troops into Ukraine, something some US officials claim is likely because of recent military movements. Moscow has denied this, saying these troop maneuvers are an internal matter and any allegations of a planned offensive are groundless.  

Gabbard, one of the more vocal Democratic Party critics of the current administration, included a Fox News interview clip in her tweet. In it, she specifically pointed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as supporters of “regime change wars.” She added that they are the people “influencing the decisions that are being made by this White House.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki warned this week that there would be “severe costs to the Russian economy” if it invades Ukraine. This statement followed reports that US officials have been considering strict economic sanctions on Russia, as well as export restrictions that could potentially affect major industries. 

Biden similarly warned during a lengthy press conference on Wednesday that invading Ukraine would be a “disaster” for Russia, arguing the severity of the American response would depend on Russia’s specific actions.

“It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do,” he said. “But if they actually do what they’re capable of doing with the forces amassed on the border, it is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine.”


  1. Fraudchi, Biden, FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, POTUS, NSA, US military, have already ended freedom and life as we know it.

  2. Because EVIL scientists are only too happy to get paid billions from taxpayers to create weapons that can destroy this planet, decimate humanity and all life and even poison the entire universe with their creation as the”well respected members of community “. Because they are selfish greedy murdering evil psychopaths.

          • Sounds good, when do we start? I have noticed over the last few decades they don’t tend to listen much to us peasants.

          • You are terribly confused old boy. I am not, as you say, “lawless”. I have never committed a crime nor have I injured anyone on purpose. I have never endorsed the lawless US federal government and I don’t agree with much of anything they do. Until more people wake up see that they have been lied to for well over one hundred years now, things will only get worse.

  3. I hope Russia nukes DC, the rest of us won’t touch them until they are done killing our corrupt and criminal “leaders”; then be prepared for a Fight!

    • What is holding ‘Americans’ back from taking their country back through a series of ‘referendum votes’? If you are waiting for ‘somebody to rescue you’ maybe you aren’t really worth saving at all.

        • Don’t expect Russia or China to save you from yourself. The time to lead a horse to water is when they are already thirsty, saves wasting time standing around doing nothing until they are thirsty.

          • “Save me/us/you from my/our/your self”?

            You don’t understand the beauty of democracy for the powers that be. There is nothing I/we/you can do.

            People can’t even identify the problem. Russia and China can’t even save themselves.

  4. The USA needs to be nuked for the nonsense to stop. Hopefully a TSAR BOMBA on DC! Don’t forget another in San Fran – Home of Pelosi! очень хороший

  5. Nobody bothers to arrest or hang the muther uckfer up there. So this will continue unless the uckfer has a stroke or something and Kamamamala chokes on her own laughter and Peelousy falls and nobody bothers to pick up the wrinkled hag.

  6. What part of the last 100 years of being under the World Bank’s hammer has been ‘fun’ to begin with? Ever been to Cuba, how about Syria in the last 10 years?

  7. So here’s a CFR member giving a warning about a globalist initiated war? Add to that the 38,000 truckers in Canada on strike because of the kill shot mandate – makes for a nasty recipe…. Instead of playing the blame game – stock up now, cause there won’t be much on the store shelves, if not already…

  8. With governments and politicians throughout the world sucking up to the Uber-wealthy, cracking down on free speech and stealing from the poor and low paid in the form of economic incompetence and slashing wages, who would fight for their country these days?

    Sod war. Lock all the politicians in a room together and let them slog it out between them. Throw away the key.

    • Add wall street, the owners of corporate press, and major corporate CEOs and it’s a start.

  9. Put her in context News Punch: She is a member of the CFR. That is invitation only, they cannot apply for it. The ghouls (literally) follow their religion that requires them to tell their prey what they are gonna do, and if they can do so, and not be stopped by their prey, it was “ordained” to happen and they have no guilt. FFS, SOMEONE tell the whole truth for once!

  10. Russia is not going to nuke the US over Ukraine. That would be like starting a nuclear war over Massachusetts succeeding from the Union. It will take a lot more for that to happen. What they will do is use surface to surface conventional explosives to blow the shit out of any bases in Ukraine. I will bet the warheads are more powerful than the ones Iran dropped on US bases in Syria. If the US does something incredibly stupid like launch a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia, well that’s a different story.

  11. First the zios put 125,000 Uke troops along the west Donbass border so putin put 125,000 along the east Donbass border (Russian border). For over 7 years the zios have been shelling and sniping the civilian citizens of the Donbass and Putin being the world’s number one statesman has tried to broker peace against the zios of USSA and Nato to no avail. His patience has run out and I think he will soon come to the rescue of the Donbass and liberate eastern Ukraine from the zio clutches and torment. Nobody will come to defend Ukraine because they know the consequences would not be worth it. Its all zio hubris.

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