A Third Mysterious Monolith Appears In California

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Another strange metallic monolith has been spotted on top of a mountain by baffled locals in California.

This is the third mysterious structure that has pop up in recent weeks after monoliths were also discovered in Utah and Romania,

RT reports: The new monolith – resembling the ominous structure in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – was found on Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California by local residents on Wednesday morning.

“I guess this is the thing now, right?” resident Gary Lyons, who regularly hikes the mountain, said in a video he captured after stumbling upon the odd find, first obtained by Storyful News.

The structure appears almost identical to other monolith-like protrusions recently found in the Utah desert and near Romania’s mountainous Piatra Neamt region – both of which have since vanished without a trace. While eco-activists copped to taking down the Utah monolith last Friday – arguing that the site was drawing tourists along with litter and pollution – the disappearance of the Romanian version remains a mystery.

Unlike its cousin in Utah, however, the obelisk discovered in California was not fixed to the ground, and “appears to be hollow at the top,” according to a local report.

The true purpose of the unusual monuments has left netizens bewildered, becoming a hot topic of debate on Twitter for days on end. The battle was rekindled again on Wednesday with the fresh find, prompting a litany of different theories. Many, however, appear convinced the phenomenon is merely some marketing bulls**t or a “PR stunt.”


  1. These things didnt “appear” someone just put them there. This whole thing is ignorant and not news worthy at all.

  2. Bit like the Georgia Guidestones that to this day have not been explained as to who put them there and why. Is this ridiculous Kubrick narrative in preparation for the fake alien invasion (project bluebeam)?

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