A Third Of All Jobs Set To Disappear By 2030

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AI take over hospital jobs

By the year 2030 around 515,863 jobs are set to disappear in the UK’s finance industry according to the magazine Accountancy Today

In the UK automation and technical changes (including robots) will destroy over half a million jobs in banking and finance in the UK alone. However, the same thing will happen in every other country in the world.

Dr Vernon Coleman writes:

Banks, which are expecting to have got rid of cash by then, will be dealing with digital money only. There will be no need for high street banks or for tellers. Big banks and insurance companies will manage with just a few engineers to service their machinery.

Bank staff who now regard cash as a nuisance should be aware that without cash they will be unemployed.

But that’s the tip of a very large iceberg. Everything I’ve listed below is going to happen in every country in the world – but it will happen first in the most developed countries.

Shops, especially supermarkets and large stores are going to get rid of most of their staff within this decade. Automatic tills will replace check out staff and robots will do the shelf stacking. Just look at what is happening already at big warehouses. Deliveries will be made with self-driving vehicles.

Trains and buses will need a fraction of today’s staff. The conspirators want to end most travel so there will be no need for trains, buses or other forms of public transport. The idea of a train having a driver and a conductor will be considered laughable, as will the idea of food being served on the train. Any trains which do run will almost certainly be controlled by computer. The unions which are demanding higher salaries for already well-paid staff are merely speeding up this process.

I.T. staff consider themselves irreplaceable. But they aren’t. Twitter just fired half its staff (with average incomes of £100,000 apiece). Those ex-employees will be lucky to work again in that industry. All the big tech companies are haemorrhaging staff to cut costs.

Factories will be run with skeleton staffs. There will be virtually no jobs in factories by 2030. Everything will be done by robot.

Farming will not exist as we know it. The conspirators don’t want old-fashioned farms. Using the fake excuse of global warming they are closing down farms and turning them into nature reserves where wild boar and bison can roam freely. Food will be provided by factories – managed and run by computers and robots. Farmland will become almost worthless.

Taxis and delivery services are at the end of the line. Any taxis which are required will be self-driving. Deliveries will all be made by robot carts and drones.

Garages won’t exist in most towns. Motor vehicles (whether diesel, petrol or electric) will be banned or taxed out of existence. Only the conspirators and the very high-up collaborators will have access to private vehicles. Most garage mechanics will have no future at all.

Police will be replaced by robots (as they already are in some parts of the world). Snitches and sneaks will take over the role of ‘detection’ – reporting directly to the courts. Without any traffic there will be no need for traffic police. All that will remain will be a small branch of the military to process the targets of snitches and those citizens breaking social credit regulations.

Health care will have altered completely by the year 2030. There will be no GPs at all. (GPs are already helping to put themselves out of business by working ‘remotely’.) Hospitals will be run by robots. It has been shown that robots make better surgeons than people and that robots are more caring and efficient than human nurses. Most doctors and most nurses will be unemployed by the year 2030. Sadly, the health care provided will be an improvement.

Teachers will all be unemployed and all schools and colleges will be closed. All teaching will be done online by computers.

Civil servants will nearly all lose their jobs. Their work (such as it is) will be done by computers. Local authorities won’t need human staff either. Everything that can be done by a civil servant can be done more cheaply and more efficiently by a computer or a robot. Citizens will be responsible for taking their rubbish to specified collection sites. The rubbish will then be collected by robots.

Mail won’t exist anymore outside computers. In the UK, the Royal Mail will have disappeared. All communication will be done online.

All building and most repair work will be done by computer and robot. Architects will be replaced by computers. There may be a little work available for workmen such as roofers and plumbers prepared to access difficult working places – unusual roofs and cellars for example – but eventually difficult to access buildings will be demolished.

Lawyers will all be replaced by computers – as will judges. Everything a lawyer can do a computer can do better. Prisons will be managed by computers.

Entertainment will be provided by computers and avatars. Any software required will be written by computers.

Newspapers and television won’t exist as we know it. What passes for news will be provided by computer controlled websites. No one will notice. The only radio will be provided by illegal, independent, pirate radio stations run by sole presenters – in hiding and constantly on the run.

So that’s the future the conspirators have planned for us.

Those who still think I’m a conspiracy theorist won’t have to wait long to find out how wrong they are and how right I am.

Niamh Harris
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