Video: Is There A Buildup Of FEMA Coffins In Southern California?

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Southern California residents are already shaken from heavily armed military troops invading quiet neighborhoods and terrorizing their streets, but now many are claiming that they are seeing the so-called “FEMA coffins” on train beds seemingly flooding into the Southern California area.

What exactly is happening?  Many are divided on the issue of FEMA coffins – some believe they are for true natural disasters, others believe they will be used in conjunction with a sinister plot against the United States to round up, trap, kill, and ultimately bury citizens in these coffins which some claim can fit up to 4-5 humans.

In an article by By Stefan Stanford of All News Pipeline entitled “Jade Helm 15 FEMA Coffins And Huge Military Vehicle Buildup – Southern California“, Stanford reports:

With a large swath of Southern California listed as ‘hostile’ in the upcoming US Military’s Jade Helm 15 ‘martial law’ roundup, YouTube videographer me meow decided to videotape his regular drive by the Yermo Logistics Marine Base north of Barstow, California and his videotaping yielded some unexpected results. Besides showing us that there are many more vehicles on the base now than the normal number of vehicles he usually sees, he also appears to have captured a huge number of FEMA coffins stacked up on the base as seen in the images above and below and the video above beginning at the 2 minute 30 second mark.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 3.19.51 AM

With America expected to have 240+ million LESS inhabitants in only 10 years than we do now and Jade Helm 15’s official kick-off only months away, military preparation on a massive scale is now being witnessed from coast to coast and this newly released video is no exception with the added caveat of what appear to be FEMA coffins thrown into the mix, adding more proof to the evidence that these upcoming ‘drills’ will be anything but ‘drills‘.

The meat of this video begins at the 1 minute 30 second mark when the videographer arrives at the base and continues on for the next several minutes as he tells us that the actual number of military vehicles on the base are 5X the number that we can see in this video.

Are those FEMA coffins stacked up at the 2:30 mark or something else entirely?




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