AG Barr Accuses Soros of Subverting U.S. Legal System and Causing “Increase in Violent Crime”

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AG Bill Barr calls out George Soros for subverting the U.S. legal system and causing an increase in violent crime

US Attorney General Bill Barr has called out far left billionaire George Soros for subverting the American legal system and creating more crime and violence.

Speaking with Martha MacCallum on Fox News last week, AG Barr accused Soros of systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the United States using divisive and dangerous tactics. reports: Attorney Bill Barr is right!

Soros-backed District Attorneys are causing mayhem across the US.

Soros also backed the new District Attorney in San Francisco — Bill Ayers’ stepson Chesa Boudin.

Is it any wonder why Soros groups are banned from entire countries?


    • I think very soon – Barr called him out and so did someone else, which usually means he’s about to go down.

  1. Soros Open Society and several other puppet-org’s have been sponsoring the ‘Justice Network’ and ‘Real Justice’. AOC + 3 were elected thru JN, as well as Philly AG. RJ is trying to place radical prosecutors and AG’s like Boudin, Kim Foxx throughout the country.

  2. We used to have laws against sedition but no longer. However treason is still against the law and this Nazi should have been imprisoned long ago.

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