Trump’s 2020 Prediction Gas Prices Would Reach $7 Under Biden Comes True

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Liberals mocked Donald Trump’s 2020 prediction that gas prices under President Biden would reach $7.00 per gallon. But liberals were wrong, Trump was spot on, and now we are all feeling the pain thanks to Biden’s inept leadership.

The price of gas in Gorda, California, reached the eye-watering figure of $7.59 on Sunday. Fuel stations in Los Angeles County were also selling premium gasoline for more than $7.00 a gallon. One gas station in Los Angeles was advertising gas for $6.99.

Trump predicted gas would reach $7 under Biden on November 3, 2020, right before election day. It took just over a year after Biden assumed office for Trump’s prediction to come true.

While it is not difficult to predict that prices, including fuel, will rise under a Democratic president, few of us thought we would see over $7 a gallon, even in California.

Trump further stated:

They [wind farms] ruin the environment, they kill the birds and they cost a fortune,” Trump explained. “We have natural gas…costs us nothing. Actually nothing. They burn it off. When you look at all of those flames on top of the wells, that’s natural gas that they burn off. They throw [it] away…and we want to give that away for windmills.”

It’s time to re-open America’s pipelines and stop being held to ransom by foreign countries intent on swindling the United States.

Per Breitbart: The average price of gas in the US is just six cents away from breaking the all-time 2008 record of $4.11. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, oil prices have continued to surge and gas prices have increased to over $4.00 per gallon.

Instead of supporting American energy independence, Biden is likely seeking a substitute for Russian oil, which  finances the Russian invasion of Ukraine, though Biden has not sanctioned relevant Russian energy suppliers. Russia provided ten percent of global supply last year.

Over the weekend, the Biden administration secretly met with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro about producing more oil. Other than meeting with Maduro to reduce oil prices, Biden has promoted renewable energy to address the spiking price of gas. Yet renewable energy is not a long- or short-term solution.

In 2020, Biden promised he would “transition” away from the oil industry.

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