President Trump To ‘Imminently’ Address Public About Aliens

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President Trump is about to address the public about aliens

A White House insider claims that President Trump is preparing to make an announcement about the existence and cover-up of extraterrestrial life and alien technology. 

According to an anonymous user online, Trump will speak via a live video feed from the Oval Office to the American public, revealing the “truth” about advanced space and energy technology that will benefit mankind. reports:

These things have been hidden from the public, so that companies around the World can continue to line their own pockets at costs that he could not turn a blind eye to.

He wants to remove the corrupted individuals from having control over the entire human population, and at his age, he could no longer sleep soundly at night knowing so many people around the World are suffering without clean water, and electricity, while others get richer.

President Trump has known about the technologies for a number of years, even from stories from his Uncle about Tesla’s work.

He will then continue on to explain that we have had technology that has been suppressed and hidden by secret higher ups within departments of US Government.

Over the next few weeks the US Government will be out sourcing these technologies to SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp) who is owned and operated by Elon Musk, who has already placed a winning bid on the space tech. Elon is currently working close with President Trump on other matters also. Other unreleased technologies, such as “Free Energy Tech” will be distributed through other various companies for further development.

These things are also the reasoning behind removing the EPA and other regulations, and also climate change.

President Trump will also make promises that I will not get into at the moment. However, these promises will benefit mankind and all life on Earth.

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