Video: Woman Writes Her Own, Beautiful Obituary

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A woman dying of cancer wrote her own obituary.  The touching, beautiful piece is both inspiring and thought provoking.  She thought of it as a gift to her family that they will always have from her.  

According to GeoBeats News:

While obituaries are usually written by other people, one brave woman, Beth O’Rourke, decided to write her own before she passed

It starts out with “I died Thursday, April 16, 2015 surrounded by family, in the arms of my husband…” Beth lost a long battle after having been diagnosed with stage 4 biliary cancer 7 years ago.

Her remarkable strength is reflected in her thoughts. “I was a survivor. I was blessed in this life with two amazing children”, she notes. Beth’s touching obituary also illustrates her enthusiasm and optimism for life.

She said, “I LOVED my life. I loved a long run, to sit quietly by the lake, to read and dance and sing and be silly with our children.”

Beth also discussed the devastating effects of the disease that took her life, “cancer does not care who it takes, who it hurts, or honor or love. It comes into your life and starts to break the threads that hold you and you are left to see pieces of yourself slip away and dreams fade.”


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