Gallup Poll: Democrats Overwhelmingly Hate America

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Gallup poll reveals that most Democrats hate America

According to a recent Gallup poll, Democrat voters overwhelmingly hate America and despise being American.

The poll found that national pride sharply fell most among Democrats than any other political group.

From Gallup:

Currently, 32% of Democrats — down from 43% in 2017 and 56% in 2013 — are extremely proud. The decline preceded the election of Donald Trump but has accelerated in the past year.

Less than half of independents, 42%, are also extremely proud. That is down slightly from 48% a year ago, and 50% in 2013.

As has typically been the case, Republicans are more inclined to say they are extremely proud to be Americans than are Democrats and independents. Seventy-four percent of Republicans are extremely proud, which is numerically the highest over the last five years.

With the large decline among Democrats, the Republican-Democratic gap in extreme pride has grown from 15 percentage points in 2013 to 42 points today.

Political liberals are even less likely than Democrats to say they are extremely proud — just 23% do so, compared with 46% of moderates and 65% of conservatives. Extreme pride among liberals has dropped nine points in the past year and 28 points since 2013.

Information Liberation reports: This is what Democrats take pride in:

As we saw last week, this is what a Democrat “pride parade” looks like:

It’s not exactly apple pie and American flags.

In all seriousness, I can understand not taking pride in one’s country, especially during the Bush years when patriotism was exploited to launch neocon wars to reshape the Middle East, but the populist revolution which brought Trump into office was pure Americana.

Democrats hate Trump for giving the forgotten man a voice.

They hate him for trying to put America first.

They hate him because he gives hope to flyover country.

They hate him because he believes America is not the common property of all mankind.

They hate him because he rejects the ruling globalist orthodoxy and wants to make peace with Russia and North Korea, end the war in Syria, and get out of NATO.

They hate him and they hate us because they hate America.

This is quite fortunate as it allows those of us in the right and on the right to claim patriotism for ourselves.


  1. the democrats are believing the lies and drivoll other democrats say and put in media. cluweless as to why they still have their jobs or their welfare or even their lives.

  2. most of the Democraps who are not proud of America are not Americans but came here to steal the blessings we receive (along with elections).

  3. America is awful and everything is to expensive here and the people are mean and jugmental . America is ugly looking to

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