Fmr US Attorney Finds ‘Proof’ George Soros Is Linked To Whistleblower Report

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George Soros is linked to the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower report according to former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova.

George Soros is linked to the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower report and his “dirty money is all over this story from day one” according to former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova and his barrister wife Victoria Toensing who pointed to telling details in the report’s footnotes as “proof.”

Appearing on Fox’s “Hannity,” the pair took on the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower narrative and DiGenova’s assessment of the situation was powerful and direct.

This whistleblower needs to go to prison. He doesn’t need to be feted, he needs to go to prison,” he said.

The former U.S. attorney didn’t explain exactly why the anonymous informant should be jailed, though it may well have something to do with what Fred Fleitz, the former National Security Council chief of staff and CIA analyst, suggested: that “rules restricting access and knowledge of these sensitive calls [were] breached.”

Regardless, the call for prison was just a prelude to what was coming. It was at that point that Toensing jumped in, saying, “U.S. and other people made false statements about him, yeah, that was George Soros-funded NGOs who were also in bed with the State Department. They were in bed with each other during that time, in the name of anti-corruption and it really means that Soros goes after his competitors.

Then she dropped the bomb: “The whistleblower sprinkles throughout his document footnotes referring to a publication with the initials ‘OCCRP.’ One guess, Sean, who funds OOCRP? George Soros.

One of the organizations funding the OCCRP (an initialism for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) is the Soros-founded Open Society Foundations.

DiGenova followed up, “Soros’ dirty money is all over this story from day one,” to which Toensing replied, “And all over Ukraine and he still has embedded people at the State Department.

Both diGenova and Toensing appear to be right. The whistleblower’s complaint does reference the OCCRP multiple times, in footnotes 4, 9 and 10 on pages 4, 5 and 6 respectively.

Footnote 4 states, “In a report published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) on 22 July, two associates of Mr. Giuliani reportedly traveled to Kyiv in May 2019, and met with Mr. Bakanov and another close Zelenskyy adviser, Mr. Serhiy Shefir.”

Footnote 9 states, “In May, Attorney General Barr announced that he was initiating a probe into the ‘origins’ of the Russia investigation. According to the above-referenced OCCRP report (22 July), two associates of Mr. Giuliani claimed to be working with Ukrainian officials to uncover information that would become part of this inquiry. In an interview with Fox News on 8 August, Mr. Giuliani claimed that Mr. John Durham, whom Attorney General Barr designated to lead this probe, was ‘spending a lot of time in Europe’ because he was ‘investigating Ukraine.’ I do not know the extent to which, if at all, Mr. Giuliani is directly coordinating his efforts on Ukraine with Attorney General Barr or Mr. Durham.”

Footnote 10 simply refers to the OCCRP report already mentioned and an article in Bloomberg. Footnote 10 is attached to a bullet that states, “It was also publicly reported that Mr. Giuliani had met on at least two occasions with Mr. Lutsenko: once in New York in late January and again in Warsaw in mid-February. In addition, it was publicly reported that Mr. Giuliani had spoken in late 2018 to former Prosecutor General Shokin, in a Skype call arranged by two associates of Mr. Giuliani.

The whistleblower was pulling at least some of his information from OCCRP reports or using OCCRP reports to support some of his claims.

The line linking Soros to an attempt to essentially overthrow the president isn’t direct, but neither is it non-existent. It runs from Soros through a foundation he created to an organization it funds to a set of footnotes buried in a document receiving massive media attention and implying wrongdoing on the part of a sitting president.

The line connecting it all is serpentine, but it is a line nonetheless.

At this point, no other Soros links have surfaced. Perhaps they will. Perhaps they won’t.

This surprising (or alarming, depending on your point of view) connection should concern every American but not just because of the direct implications for the Ukraine fraud.

Every American should consider just how incestuous the swamp, both in the U.S. and internationally, has become.

Say the connection means nothing. Even then, shouldn’t we worry if a phony international scandal accidentally ties back to a U.S. political wheeler and dealer, even if he wasn’t involved? That shows a level of interconnectedness (some would say incestuousness) among powerful people and institutions that simply cannot be healthy for democratic civil societies. This begins to look like plutocracy, rule by the wealthy, instead of republican democracy.

And in perhaps the greatest irony of the last four years, the ultra-wealthy Donald Trump is the one trying to bring down Soros and the rest of the elites’ burgeoning plutocracy — and those elites haven’t the foggiest idea of how to stop him.

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