Agenda 21: NYC Officials Launch ‘Micro-apartment’ Development

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New York City officials have launched a plan to house residents in micro-apartments across the city as part of 'Agenda 21'

U.S. government officials are pressing ahead with their ‘Agenda 21’ plans by introducing “micro-apartments” to major cities like New York City.  

Agenda 21 is the global agenda by the elite to control and manage every aspect of human life. reports:

In Manhattan, for instance, tiny living spaces that are 360 square feet or less are marketed as tolerable because they come with “little balconies, tall ceilings, dishwashers and storage space,” CBS News reported.

Continuing, CBS noted:

“It’s micro-living in the nation’s biggest city, and New Yorkers could be seeing more of it. Planning officials are proposing to end a limit on how small apartments can be, opening the door for more ‘micro-apartments’ that advocates see as affordable adaptations to a growing population of single people. Critics fear a turn back toward the city’s tenement past and question whether less space will really mean less expensive.”

It’s all about control

One such complex set to open next year – Carmel Place – will feature 55 units ranging from 265 to 360 square feet. For comparison, a one-car garage can typically measure about 200 square feet.

Experimental in nature, planners for Carmel Place received a waiver from socialist Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s administration last year to go ahead with the project. By regulation, apartments in the Big Apple are required to be at least 400 square feet – still not huge but bigger than the Carmel Place units.

“For us, it was really important to demonstrate how small space could be an enhancement to quality of life,” Christopher Bledsoe of Stage 3 Properties, which designed the interiors and amenities at Carmel Place, told CBS News.

But, as noted by host Dave Hodges, piling as many Americans as possible into cities is part of the sinister Agenda 21 process, because one of the objectives is control of the population, something much easier to do when everyone is packed into a metropolitan area and thus dependent on “the system” for survival.

Hodges writes that under a separate plan called America 2050, the master planners aim to create “megacities.” And in order for that to happen, “American suburbs and rural areas must be completely depopulated,” he says. “This process is underway and the Obama administration is accelerating the process.”

Further, he noted:

“In the case of total urbanization, the United States is in the process of dividing the country into 11 large densely populated urban centers. The concept, which will be the subject of a future investigation, will explore this ‘end-game’ strategy of the globalists which will depopulate the America’s suburbs and and rural areas. The concept is called megacities and the framework was laid in 1994, when the United States became official participants in the North American Free Trade Agreement …”

In the future, if this plan comes to total fruition, how much easier will it be for a future authoritarian administration and Congress to impose their will on the American people? To turn the right screws, and pool the right levels of power, in order to force acquiescence and compliance to restrictive new rules?

Conflicting data, but the goal remains the same

Just consider the control and delivery of food. An American president or Congress could literally have the power of life in their hands, just by establishing a system of rules and regulations that control the processing and delivery of food.

Resist with firearms? Consider that now, today, our major urban centers are nearly all gun-free zones, by local statute, thanks to Marxist city council members and city administrators. And think about this: These local ordinances are deemed constitutionally acceptable, “sensible” regulations by federal courts.

So, are Americans actually flocking to cities on their own? The answer depends on who you believe. The Washington Post reported earlier this year that Americans were returning to “far-flung suburbs” and leaving the cities. But … exactly one year earlier, The Wire reported Census Bureau data showing just the opposite trend.

Either way, the Agenda 21 goals and objectives remain, and global leaders are continuing to pursue them.

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