Alyssa Milano: “I’m a Trans, Lesbian, Disabled Person of Color”

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Alyssa Milano declares herself a trans, lesbian, disabled person of color

In a bizarre Twitter rant, Hollywood activist Alyssa Milano is now claiming to be transgender, lesbian, disabled person of color. 

This week, Milano was sarcastically asked on Twitter, “Alyssa are you transgender?”

Milano immediately responded, saying: “I’m trans. I’m a person of color. I’m an immigrant. I’m a lesbian. I’m a gay man. I’m the disabled.” reports: A number of people would criticize Milano for the Tweet with many pointing to the fact that she’s a rich white woman and can’t possibly understand any of the groups she claims she’s attempting to claim solidarity with.

Others criticized Milano for not including other groups claiming she only picked “certain identities” or groups specifically.

Some folks simply mocked Milano and the internet at-large for her tweet and discussing it. While others just mocked Milano’s Tweet. Heathers writer Carey O’Donnell even referenced Kevin Spacey’s coming out shortly after he was accused of sexual assault of a young teen.

One user decided to just call out the actress for her Tweet, implying that she uses the controversy stirred up by them as a way to stay in the public eye:

It didn’t stop there though. Some began to call out the actress for selling clothes and posing in photos that they deem racist due to their use of Native American merchandise as well as not working with native groups:

Shortly afterward Alyssa Milano replied to her own Tweet. Stating that she was “glad this tweet invoked conversation.” She also apologized for offending people. She then claims her original tweet was her expressing empathy.

Many were still unimpressed by Milano’s explanation.

Actor James Woods would add another potential identity for Milano to mark off. He would write, You left out ‘potential defendant…’ #CovingtonLawsuit.

As I mentioned above, Milano is on the list of Nick Sandmann’s lawyers and she could face a potential lawsuit where she insinuated that Sandmann and everyone else who wears a red MAGA hat are racists.

What do you think of the actress’s attempt to show solidarity with these groups? Do you think the criticism against her is valid? Do you think her apology was sincere?


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