Brennan Defends Comey & Viciously Attacks Trump Following IG Report

Fact checked
John Brennan defends his pal James Comey following release of IG report and issues ominous warning against President Trump

Former CIA boss John Brennan rigorously defended James Comey on Thursday following the release of the incriminating DOJ Inspector General report.

Brennan fired off a vicious warning to President Trump, suggesting that he will be in a “world of trouble and hurt” after Republican Senators can no longer protect him.

Brennan, Comey and other anti-Trump intelligence officials have suggested that President Trump will be indicted the moment he leaves the White House.

“Jim Comey is far more decent, ethical, honest, competent, & patriotic than you could ever hope to be. It is only because the AG & Republican Senators refuse to put country above party that you are not in a world of trouble & hurt. But their protective cocoon is only temporary…” Brennan Tweeted in response to Trump’s criticism of Comey. reports: The Deep State-Democrat-media complex was emboldened Thursday after the DOJ declined to prosecute James Comey despite the fact that he leaked and mishandled classified memos.

The DOJ Inspector General is preparing to release another report on FISA abuse any time between mid-September and early October, but without indictments the reports are all hot air.