America Under Severe Cyber-attack

Fact checked

Cyber-security expert Greg Keeley has said that North Korea are taking credit for the recent “technical glitch” (cyber-attack) at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that occurred on Wednesday.

For the administration to come out so hard and so fast and say this was not an attack I think is disingenuous… This is a major attack and for us to bury our head in the sand is very troubling“, Keeley warned.

Mainstream media website Gawker also took note of the odd “glitches” on Wednesday, in an article which suggests that what happened wasn’t a mere coincidence:

ITEM: The New York City subway system suffered an atrocious commute today, with some trains being inexplicably stranded in stations for long periods of time.

ITEM: The website “The Dissolve” folded today.

ITEM: United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights after its computer system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading today after its computerized trading system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: Immediately after, the Wall Street Journal’s website mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: More than 2,500 people in Washington, DC mysteriously lost power.