Amish Communities Defying CDC Covid Guidelines Had ’90x Lower Mortality Rate’ Than Rest of US

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Amish communities that defied CDC guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic experienced 90 times less deaths than mainstream America, according to the results of a stunning new study which raise serious questions about the efficacy of vaccinations, masks, lockdowns, and school closures.

The Amish didn’t do anything to protect against getting COVID: no lockdowns, no vaccinations, no masks, no social distancing, no mandates, no school closures, nothing.

If members of the Amish community became sick, they used ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D from sunlight and other methods that were not recommended by the CDC or FDA.

As Steve Kirsch explains:

On May 22, 2023, I offered a $2,500 reward for anyone to give me the names of more than 5 Amish people in Lancaster, PA (which is the world’s largest single community of Amish people with over 45,000 people) who died from COVID.

Nobody could do that. I got a few names. And nobody could name anyone under 50 years old who was suspected of dying from COVID. The best anyone could do was come up with 5 names, 52 years of age and older, mostly very old people. The person who found the 5 names is extremely well connected in the Amish community.

He found just 5 Amish who might have died from COVID. Roughly 90% of the Amish have been infected by COVID. So the IFR= 5/40,500=.00012

In the US as a whole, there were 100M cases and over 1.1M deaths from COVID. The overall US IFR is .011.

The ratio is .011/.00012=91.

That’s really stunning. The Amish died from COVID at a rate 91X lower than the US as a whole.

What makes the Amish so awesome is that nobody can dispute it because nobody can find the names of >5 unvaccinated Amish people who died from COVID

Normally, the health authorities can completely hide the real statistics on the number of unvaccinated people and the people who have died from COVID. Nobody would ever know.

But with the Amish there is no place to hide. It’s all in full public view for everyone to see.

The community of unvaccinated Amish is large enough to have good numbers and yet small enough that there is no place to hide the deaths. They are the “Goldilocks” for COVID mitigation: not too small, not too big, but just the right size. You can easily verify the deaths. And since virtually everyone was infected early in the pandemic where people died with a telltale “progressively harder to breathe” respiratory condition, COVID deaths were recognizable by everyone.

So there is no way to attack this.

Nor can anyone claim that the Amish have a protective gene that protects them from COVID. 90% were infected very early on. The DoD has been studying the Amish for more than 50 years now. If there was a protective gene, they would have found it by now.

The lack of record-level data transparency from the health authorities worldwide should tell you everything you need to know

The Amish did nothing more than provide us with statistics that are publicly verifiable.

On the other hand, the US health authorities in every state and country deliberately kept the vaccine-death records from public view, providing only summary data.

You can’t get linked death-vaccine record-level data from any state or federal government anywhere in the world: they all refuse to produce them. No exceptions.

I talked to one of my State Senators about sponsoring a bill for more than an hour and he said only that he would “think about it.”

After I asked our State Epidemiologist Erica Pan if she believed in data transparency of public health data and she stopped answering my emails at that point.

Nobody will let any of us in to inspect the records either.

It’s just not allowed for anyone to see the data and learn the truth.

We are all supposed to trust them.

Sometimes I get lucky and get leaked data in my mailbox. What little data I was able to get from public health records showed that the COVID vaccines are killing people. The slope of deaths was supposed to go down after vaccination, not up.

The peer-reviewed literature is unable to claim more than a handful of unvaccinated Amish deaths from COVID

The Dewalt paper says this:

“It should be noted that COVID was only mentioned three times in the obituaries section of The Diary for Amish deaths from 2014 through 2021.”

Similarly, the Rachel Stein paper, Closed but Not Protected: Excess Deaths Among the Amish and Mennonites During the COVID-19 Pandemic, didn’t research a single death to determine the cause of death.

Nor do they offer their data on request (Rachel Stein at WVU never responded to my request).

There is a reason for that: the Stein study on the Amish death rate is deeply flawed as shown in this article: Taxpayer-Funded Study Pushes False Narrative about Amish and Mennonite Excess Deaths During COVID-19. I have notified Rachel Stein that she needs to retract her paper in light of this. No response. I guess scientific integrity simply does not matter to a lot of people.

The data is publicly available, but The Budget is not online. It feels like they are hiding something if they aren’t giving out their data.

The government of Israel found a similar result: No deaths under age 50 for people with no comorbidities

Check out this article: New Israeli Data: No Known Covid Deaths in Healthy People Under 50.

The unvaccinated Amish had no deaths under 50 regardless of health condition!

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. 1000% Fact!

    Ever since my children got vaccinated, they haven’t been the same since.

    Why they don’t do the comparison… so everyone can see the RESULTS!?

    It’s easy as 1, 2, 3… we shall see! But no they don’t, because as Jesus said, in The Holy Bible…


    • Some independent doctors have done their own studies & it’s proven the unvaxxed are much healthier. There are also animal breeders who don’t vax & their animals are raised naturally (no toxins, pharma, pet foods, vax). Their animals are not much healthier, they are more intelligent & live longer. Thank God, the truth is spreading world wide.

      The Amish also have NO autism. Revelation 18:23, “…for by thy sorceries (pharmakia is the word in the orig. Greek text) were all nations deceived.” God told us long ago what pharma really is.

      • Mr.Kirsch, Amish and Askenazi Jews are not affected by covid. It’s based upon availability of Ace2 receptors.
        So, as usual, it’s the jews doing covid depopulation agenda.
        Amish are just lucky to have same genetics, which means they too are descendants of Askenazi Jews, aka Nazis.
        The game of life is based on deception. Winners are often the best deceivers, and of course they write the histories.

    • Give your kids a supplement called N.A.C. At the end of 2020 a covid vax researcher warned us on four ch@n about the dangers of spike proteins and said N-acetyl cysteine would destroy them. I looked it up and it’s absolutely true. My kid was coerced into the clotshot and his non-stop illness didn’t end until he finally listened and took NAC. Now he’s great and never gets sick anymore. Because NAC kills all viral parasites, not just covid.

  2. The retired former director of the EUROPEAN CDC said straight out very bluntly from the start that covid was nothing to worry about at all for anyone healthy, that it was less serious than the normal winter flu.

  3. Real Amish would NEVER pose for pictures, they don’t chit chat with “the English,” they do everything possible to avoid modern inventions, and they don’t “use ivermectin, zinc” or any other medicine from western doctors.

    The CIA has created fake Amish communities to promote nonsense like what’s laid out in this article. And the occasional dumb tv series like Amish Mafia.

  4. These isolated communities prove without a doubt that the non-existing “virus” and “covid-19” story is a BIG LIE to brainwash the sheeple into taking the suicid-shot!

  5. That’s 90 TIMES, people, not 90% less deaths “from COVID”.
    Making “COVID” significantly LESS deadly than the seasonal flu.

    Unless you received the Fauci Juice, and if you went for seconds and thirds – you’re lucky to be alive.

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