Angry Pope Slaps Admiring Pilgrim After ‘Losing His Patience’ With Her

Fact checked

Pope Francis has apologized after he slapped the hands of an admiring pilgrim who pulled him towards her during a walk-about in St Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve.

The Pontiff became visibly angry and began slapping the woman’s hand in an attempt to free himself from her grip and even briefly shouted at her as he was greeting the Catholic faithful.

RT reports: A woman seeking the Pope’s blessing on New Year’s Eve instead ended up enraging the pontiff after grabbing his arm to get his attention. A video of the altercation shows Francis walking through Vatican City as he greeted pilgrims. After reaching out to touch a child, a nearby woman seized his hand, jerking the religious leader around – a yank that appeared to cause him pain.

After slapping her hand several times, the Pope freed himself of her grip. The usually serene Francis scowled as he walked away.

According to reports, the Pope later acknowledged that he had “lost patience” with the admiring pilgrim.


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