Democrat Rep Admits Joe Biden’s Policies ‘Decimated’ and ‘Betrayed’ the African American Community

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Georgia House Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones has endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection and resigned from his seat, stating "I'm sick and tired of me and my family being attacked and harassed by the Democrat Party for putting my country before my party."

Joe Biden is an expert at “pandering” to black Americans in election years, but in reality his policies have “decimated” the black community and he played a leading role in dividing America during the disastrous Obama administration, according to Georgia Democrat state Rep. Vernon Jones.

In contrast, President Trump was responsible for lifting hundreds of thousands of black Americans out of poverty during his first two years in office, says the Democrat.

Rep. Vernon Jones made headlines in April when he endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection, stating “I’m putting my country before my party.”

Brave Rep. Jones further enraged his fellow Democrats when he penned an op-ed slamming Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and his treatment of the black community.

In a piece for The Daily Caller, Rep. Jones writes that he plans to cast a vote for Trump’s reelection because “unlike other Washington politicians, this president actually backed up his words with actions” that help all Americans, including the black community.

He signed an Executive Order on police reform — taking steps to build a better bridge between law enforcement men and women and their communities,” the Democrat wrote.

The landmark Executive Order encourages police to implement best practices to protect the people they serve. It sets the highest professional standards for law enforcement officers, while promoting peace and equality for all Americans.

Rep. Jones slammed Joe Biden, the former vice president, for being “absent in unifying this country” during former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office.

The [B]lack unemployment rate under Biden and the Obama administration averaged a horrific 12.8 percent,” he wrote. “The number of [B]lack Americans in poverty barely fell during the Obama administration, going down by just 145,000 over eight years. By comparison, more than double that number — 350,000 [B]lack Americans — were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration.

Rep. Jones said Democrats like Biden pander to black Americans only “during election years,” despite being directly responsible for policies that have “decimated” the black community.

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