Anonymous Declare War On ISIS-Supporting Turkey

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Anonymous declare war on Turkey for supporting ISIS terrorists

Anonymous have threatened Turkey with a crippling cyber-attack that will bring the country to its knees, after revelations emerged that Turkey support ISIS. 

Last week Anonymous kicked off the cyber-war by bringing down 40,000 Turkish websites. But that was just a small taste of things to come, the hacktivists say. Now, they say they will take down vital systems that power Turkish airports, banks and government facilities, as well as cripple “root servers” that underpin Turkey’s digital infrastructure. reports:

In a statement, Anonymous said: “Turkey is supporting Daesh by buying oil from them, and hospitalizing their fighters.

“We won’t accept that Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, will help ISIS any longer.

“If you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your internet.”

Last week, hacktivists clobbered Turkey with a massive “DDoS attack” and has threatened to launch even more intense assaults.

“Stop this insanity now Turkey,” Anonymous added.

“Your fate is in your own hands.”

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