Trump Believes Joe Biden Will Drop Out of 2024 Presidential Race

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Joe Biden

Donald Trump has said that he thinks Joe Biden will drop out of the presidential race

The former president made his comments while talking to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Monday.

Before he went on stage in Rochester, New Hampshire, MacCallum asked Trump “Do you think Biden will drop out of the race?

“Personally, I think so,” Trump replied.

His prediction comes amid rumors that Michelle Obama, who is “terrified that Trump will win” was busy working on a White House bid….

Infowars reports: This comes a day after Trump confidante Roger Stone told Infowars that he believes the Democrats are preparing to ditch Biden as their presidential nominee in favor of Michelle “Big Mike” Obama.

“Joe will wrap up enough delegates so that no one else can be nominated, then at the last minute he will announce that for reasons of health, he’s going to step aside,” Stone said.

“He’s going to throw open the convention so they can nominate their candidate of choice, and as I predicted, Michelle Obama will reluctantly submit to a draft.”

“The power centers of the Democratic Party surrounds the Obamas. They are slowly but surely losing one of their bases within the country. They have always been able to count on African-Americans since 1932,” he said, adding, “now they realize they’re losing that vote.”

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