Michelle Obama Is “Terrified About What Could Happen” If Trump Wins Election

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Michelle Obama

Michelle “Big Mike” Obama has expressed fears about a potential Trump victory in the 2024 election.

Talking to Jay Shetty on his podcast “On Purpose”, the former first lady said: “What’s going to happen in this next election? I’m terrified about what could possibly happen, because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit, it affects us in ways sometimes I think people take for granted”

InfoWars reports: Obama lamented voters becoming increasingly skeptical about government’s ability to exercise power.

“The fact that people think that government — ‘eh, does it really even do anything?’ — and I’m like ‘Oh my God, does government do everything for us, and we cannot take this democracy for granted.’ And I worry sometimes that we do. Those are the things that keep me up,” she said.

Obama also expressed worries about voter turnout in 2024 amid dismal polling for Joe Biden.

“Are people going to vote, and why aren’t people voting?” she asked.

“Those are the things that keep me up, because you don’t have control over them. And you wonder: ‘Where are we in this? Where are our hearts?’”

This comes amid reports former President Barack Obama is deeply worried Joe Biden ” could lose the White House” to former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Obama has reportedly recently urged Biden’s handlers to bolster his 2024 reelection campaign efforts, even if it means circumventing Biden’s approval, in the face of discouraging polling and the near certainty that Trump will claim the GOP nomination.

Could Mrs Obama be thinking about launching a belated challenge for the most powerful office in the world?

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