Anonymous: Indigo Children Will Defeat New World Order

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Anonymous tell indigo children that they will usher in a new era and defeat the new world order

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released a video calling upon ‘Indigo children’ around the world to help usher in a new era of peace and enlightenment.

According to Anonymous, Indigo kids have the innate ability to resist the coming New World Order by challenging the tyrannical regimes that have plagued the world for so long.


Attention Indigo, crystal, and rainbow children of the world. Greetings from anonymous. We are contacting you today as there are those who say you and those like you are here to usher in the new era. An era of peace and enlightenment. It has been said you are here to challenge the tyranny that has so long plagued our world. To rise up against injustice and make way for a new, harmonious world.

However, the planet seems to be going in the other direction. Corporations have corrupted nearly every government in the world. Our politicians our controlled by money. The people who are sworn to protect us are now beating and killing us. Greed and indifference are glorified while generosity and tolerance are mocked. The media are nothing more than pawns in a world where our fundamental right to knowledge and expression are being censored. Children are starving in the streets. The elderly are homeless, cold and hungry. Things are only going to get worse.

the time for talking is over. It is time for action. No longer can we turn a blind eye to uncensored greed and corruption. No longer can we afford the luxury of not paying attention to the world around us. Our futures, and our children futures depend on it. We must act now. We must take to the streets, we must take to the internet. We must let the powers at be know that this is our world and will will not sit idly by as they enslave and destroy it.

Many believe Anonymous is nothing more than a group of hacker activists. This is not exactly true. Anonymous is not a group or organization per say.

There is no central leadership. There is no membership. There is no one sole purpose behind our actions. Rather, we are a movement. An idea.

We are everyone and we are no one. We are anyone who wishes to stand up against injustice. We are the passerby who records police brutality on their phone. We are the reporter who exposes a corrupt politician, we are your friend that constantly posts activists posts and news stories on social media, we are the protesters in the streets and, yes, sometimes we are the hackers taking down terrorist websites. We believe that the indigo children can add greatly to our movement. To help us achieve a better world for everyone. Join the cause today. Stand up for what you know is right. Quit sitting by and just watching as the world is taken from us by those who would do us harm. Use every talent and gift at your disposal to fight for justice and a better life for all.


  1. Indigo is a nice colour. It is the colour of blue, but a bit greyish and cold, a color of deep thought and cool communication with a hint of red, the colour of life force, of power, of passion, of clinging. Just as we now cling to a man of deep thought, Julian Assange. Indigo is still indigo, almost on the verge to enter purple but still not purple. That is good. Let us not cling to Julian Assange, but to the cause. He would have liked it that way. Think deeply communicate wisely, with a hint of red passion, but not to much. Stay cool! Pure love to all. That is the green colour.

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