Another Detroit Mother Facing Jail For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Child

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A second metro Detroit mother is facing jail time for not vaccinating her child.

Lori Matheson’s hearing was at the Oakland County Circuit Court in front of Judge Karen McDonald, who only last week sentenced Rebecca Bredow to seven days in jail for not vaccinating her son.

As with Bredow, the father in Matheson’s case, who does not have custody of the children, now wants to vaccinate his children. Matheson disagrees with him, but the court has already shown that they couldn’t care less about what a mother thinks, even though Michigan law allows for vaccine exemption.

WXYZ reports Lori Matheson is objecting to a friend of the court order that found her daughter should get vaccinated.

She argues her family is pre-disposed to auto-immune injuries and a “23 and Me” genetic test will show that, and that the test should have been done before the referee made their determination.

The attorney for her daughter’s father says the daughter’s doctor recommended the vaccines and said her church allows them.

Meanwhile in her fight against vaccinations, Rebecca Bredow who was jailed last week, lost primary custody of her son, then discovered that he has now been immunized against her wishes.


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