Ted Nugent Calls On Gun Owners To ‘Cleanse’ America Of Liberals

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Ted Nugent calls on all conservative gun owners in America to 'cleanse' the US of liberals

NRA enthusiast Ted Nugent has issued a call to arms to all conservatives in America to grab their guns and cleanse the U.S. of liberals. 

Speaking with Christian patriot Alex Jones on Infowars, Nugent told Jones that he wants American conservatives to take action against the “self-inflicted curse that is Barack Obama, and the liberal Democrats”, following the latest shooting in San Bernardino, California.

Addictinginfo.org reports:

He argued that the reason America has been surrendered to “freedom hating” liberals is because we don’t show Old Yeller in schools. Apparently, if we did, Conservatives would know exactly what to do about liberal America.

“I don’t care why he’s foaming at the mouth, I don’t care how he got rabies, he’s rabid, get rid of the damn dog,”

“When Old Yeller brings us slippers, give him a biscuit; when he foams at the mouth, you shoot him between the eyes. Any questions? You got to do it. America, you got to cleanse this country.”

Jones followed up with:

“You’re sad about it. But you have to put him in the ground.”

Of course, Jones and Nugent attempt to cover the fact they just called for the assassination of the American President and the murder of all liberals.

“No, I’m not talking about shooting anybody. I’m talking about dealing with an outrageous condition that is painful and traumatic and frustrating, but if you don’t face the beast, you’re dead, and that’s what’s going on.”

The pair go on to do some Harry Reid impersonations and laugh it up amongst themselves that liberal “sub-human freaks” might want to stop the scourge of gun crime and mass shootings in America.

Just to make sure they managed to tick all the boxes, they wind up with some good old fashioned homophobia. Claiming liberal Americans are ‘spoiled-a** b*tches’ who like to bend over and ‘take it in the a**.”

This pathetic incitement to domestic terrorism ends with, of all things, and advert for an assault weapon – with Jones providing the ludicrously ‘murica voiceover.

Alex Jones and Ted Nugent, two men who don’t share a brain cell between them, are responding to a national crisis with a call for civil war. If this isn’t incitement to domestic terrorism, frankly, what is?

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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