Mysterious 25ft Foam Tsunami In India Frightens Residents

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Japanese 25ft tsunami scares residents

A mysterious white foam has caused thousands of Indian residents in Bangalore to panic after what can only be described as a foam tsunami appeared on Bellandur Lake. 

Locals say the 25 foot tsunami wave even caught fire at one stage, with one witness saying, “It has been nearly 15 years now that the lake is covered with the thick foam. And every time it rains, the froth raises, blowing it into the air and covers the commuters every time they cross the bridge over the lake.”

“But in May this year, we witnessed the unexpected. The lake had suddenly caught fire and the flames went as high as four feet. It was a frightening sight. Residents were perplexed.No one knew what would happen. It was an extremely dreadful moment.” reports:

The lake, which sprawls across an area of 9000 acres near the city of Karnataka has been an area of natural beauty for the 61.5million residents but environmentalists are attempting to raise awareness over the foam.

Activists claims decades of untreated sewage and chemical waste disposed into the lake is the main cause of this unnatural phenomena.

Mr Govan, an IT entrepreneur and a member of Whitefield Rising, a community welfare society, is working with a bunch of young volunteers to clean the lake.

He added: “We believe the combustion mainly happened because methane had built up due to the accumulated froth on the top layer of the lake that contains effluents like grease, oil, and detergents.

“Bangalore was once hailed as the ‘City of Thousand Lakes’ but now the condition of these lakes is pitiable. The lake is filled with sewage sludge and becoming a problem for the environment and the foam is affecting those who come into contact,” said Govan, adding avolunteer had almost lost vision after foam entered into his eyes.

Bellandur receives over 130 million gallons of untreated or partially treated sewage from homesand industries all over the city per day and the local Municipal Corporation say the situation can improve only after 2017 when new sewage and drainage system are planned and built in the city.

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