Anti-Immigrant Party Set To Win Swedish Election By Landslide

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Anti-immigration party set to win Swedish election by landslide

An anti-immigration and anti-globalist party is set to win Sweden’s general election next month by a landslide, according to the latest polls. 

The right-wing Sweden’s Democrats (SD) will win 25.5 per cent of voters, according to a Sentio poll, making them Sweden’s largest political party. reports: Secondly, the Social Democrats are 21.1 per cent, also a marginal decrease from 21.2 per cent. In the latest survey, the Moderates increased to 19.1 per cent.

Liberals, however, decreased from 5.8 per cent to 4.6 per cent. Even the Centre Party decreased to 6.9 per cent.

The Christian Democrats are dropping from 4 per cent to 2.4 per cent.

Environmental parties have lost favour by 3.9 per cent.

While the Left Party finds continued success and is now fourth with 12.6 per cent, compared to 10.8 per cent in the previous survey.

Sweden’s next general election is scheduled for Sunday September 9th 2018.

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