Kim Jong-un Threatens China With Nuclear War, Declares Country ‘An Enemy’

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Kim Jong-un of North Korea has threatened China with a nuclear storm, declaring China "an enemy" to North Korea

Kim Jong-un has warned that North Korea is on the verge of sending China a “nuclear storm” for its “betrayal of socialism”, according to a leaked document from the Workers’ Party of North Korea

The document reads, “we must no longer go easy on the Chinese and instead deal with them equally in order to change their attitude of taking us lightly,” and repeatedly refers to China as an “enemy state.”

North Korea now consider China to be on the same ranks as South Korea, the U.S., and Japan.

The document, dated March 10, officially outlines a new doctrine on policies toward China and experts have warned that there is a high possibility that Sino-North Korea relations will not only deteriorate, but lead to tensions as a result. reports:

Up until this point, the two nations had kept close ties since signing the Sino-North Korean Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance in 1961.

With North Korea’s dismay at China’s “eager” participation — which it says is a ploy to protect its “status of dominance in Northeast Asia” — the key relationship could meet its demise, Sino-North Korea relations expert Lee Young Hwa, a professor at Kansai University, told Daily NK.

“There is a high possibility that Sino-North Korea relations will not only deteriorate,” he said, “but lead to tensions as well.”

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