Anti-Soros, QAnon Supporter Wins Republican Nomination For Congressional Seat

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Marjorie Taylor Green

A GOP congressional candidate who is anti- Soros and endorses ‘QAnon’, has taken more than half the vote in Georgia’s primary runoff race, putting her on track to become the first Q-supporter in Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene beat neurosurgeon John Cowan in a primary runoff for the open seat in a red district in northwest Georgia, on Tuesday night.

Her successful bid comes after some Republican officials denounced her campaign after her “racist,” anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim videos surfaced.

RT reports: Greene ran a victory lap following the final result, celebrating her win despite “the GOP establishment, the media, and the radical left” spending “months and millions of dollars attacking me.”

Greene was criticized by both Democrats and the GOP alike during the race, with most detractors pointing to controversial comments in the past, including her support for QAnon theories, which are based on the online postings of an alleged government insider known only as “Q.” Backers of the movement generally believe deep state actors are targeting the Trump administration, some going further to allege elaborate child sex trafficking rings among the rich and powerful, as well as Satan-worship and occultism.

Though Greene has taken some heat for playing up the QAnon phenomenon – once saying the mysterious Q figure is a “patriot” who had “given clues” that “have really proven to be true” – that has not stopped her from receiving some high-level endorsements from within her own party, with Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) backing her election bid in April. Her campaign was bolstered by tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the House Freedom Fund, a PAC linked to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, while Tuesday’s victory also earned her warm words from the chairman of the Georgia GOP.

Next to Greene’s apparent fascination with Q, detractors have also gone after prior remarks on a range of issues, including Islam and Sharia Law, as well as her intense criticism of the wealthy investor and Democratic donor George Soros, some dubbing her words ‘anti-Semitic.’

Despite the controversy, Greene struck a resounding victory over her opponent on Tuesday, beating out Cowan by some 15 points, despite his status as a medical professional during a mid-pandemic race. Cowan received only 21 percent of the vote during the initial primary election in June, which triggered a runoff when neither candidate secured over 50 percent of the ballots in their favor.

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