Leaked Docs Reveal Hamas-Israel ‘False Flag’ Was Planned in Detail By Global Elite

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The Israel-Hamas war is an "inside job" by the globalist elite who working to ensure the Israeli "false flag" will light the fuse to ignite a "holy war" that will spiral out of control and lay the groundwork for the elite to usher in a "one world government" and "one world religion."

The Israel-Hamas war is an “inside job” by the globalist elite who working to ensure the Israeli “false flag” will light the fuse to ignite a “holy war” that will spiral out of control and lay the groundwork for the elite to usher in a “one world government” and “one world religion.”

Rothschild admitted his family created Israel as part of the great master plan for World War 3 – and now their agenda is playing out before our very eyes.

But there is just one problem for the globalist elite and their plans to enslave the human race. Their plans rely on the people of the world remaining ignorant – and we are not going to let that happen.

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Last month the People’s Voice broke the news that a former Israeli intelligence agent blew the whistle and admitted the the Hamas attack was a false flag.

Then we broke the news that the son of a Hamas leader admitted the militant group was created by the CIA to do the global elite’s bidding.

Since then, the evidence for the Israel-Hamas false flag has continued rolling in. At this point, only those who are still watching CNN are in the dark about the real nature of the Israel-Hamas war.

There is no longer any need to wonder why Israeli military took 7 hours to respond to the Hamas attacks on October 7.

Netanyahu is a globalist stooge who has been quietly propping up Hamas for years – it’s an open secret in Israel.

Now footage has emerged of an Israeli Apache helicopter killing many Israelis at an October 7 concert in Israel.

The government of Israel later blamed the killing on Hamas.

In reality, Israel and Hamas were in bed together, pursuing the agenda of the globalist elite.

Last month, far-left billionaire George Soros was caught secretly funneling over $15 million dollars to Hamas terrorists with the intention to “destabilize the West.”

$13.7 million of the money was transferred to a Hamas-linked group called The Tides Center, according to the New York Post. The Tides Center sponsors many of the extremist groups that have justified the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. 

Soros’s money is just a drop in the ocean for the Hamas leadership who have been riding high on the globalist payroll for years now.

While their people languish in poverty and are treated as human shields, the leaders of Hamas live billionaire lifestyles.

The group’s three top leaders alone are worth a staggering total of $11 billion and enjoy a life of luxury in the sanctuary of the emirate of Qatar. 

Hamas runs an office in Qatar’s capital, Doha, and leaders Ismail Haniyeh, Moussa Abu Marzuk and Khaled Mashal maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

Where did the billions of dollars in their bank accounts come from? Running an insurgency isn’t the most obvious way to become a billionaire… Unless you are working on behalf of the globalist elite, implementing an important part of their plan to spark World War 3 and usher in a world government.

The leaders of Hamas are valuable pawns in the elite’s game, and they have been paid accordingly.

A chilling letter that predicted the First and Second World Wars also claimed a third global battle will be fought between the West and Islamic war leaders.

Albert Pike wrote the letter 152 years ago detailing how the elites plan to launch three world wars to seize total control of humanity.

Pike was a 33rd degree, Freemason Occultist Grand Master and creator of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order as well as a notorious Luciferian and a General for the Confederacy in the American civil war.

In his letter he details how the New World Order will provoke a Holy War between the Zionists and the Islamic world.

We have already seen what the New World Order has done with Islam. They have used it to foment a crisis, a clash of civilizations. Make no mistake, the New World Order is fomenting another crisis to achieve its goals.

Albert Pike is recorded as saying his military program might take 100 years or a little longer to reach the day when those who direct the conspiracy at the top will crown their leader King-despot of the entire world, and impose a Luciferian totalitarian dictatorship upon what is left of the human race.

Pike seems to indicate a conspiracy to start a war so that the Antichrist can ascent to his position as world ruler.

Pike’s letter also detailed the specifics of the first two world wars – with chilling accuracy:

“World War I must be bought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Tsars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic communism.”

“The second World War will be fought for two reasons. To establish the State of Israel, and to expand communist control over Europe.”

“World War III must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world.”

It has all been mapped out.

We have seen what they are doing with the migrant crisis, and with terror attacks, and their proxy wars. The global elite are following Pike’s predictions to the letter. Only through understanding the history of the Illuminati can we possibly understand the present state of the world, and make sure the globalist elite does not shape our future.

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